Saturday, June 10, 2017

This Is The U.S. Navy's Plan To Crush Russia's And China's Air Defenses

Dave Majumdar, National Interest: U.S. Navy Green-Lights New And Improved Super Hornet

The next increments of the U.S. Navy’s Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) will have little in common with the Raytheon-built AN/ALQ-249 Increment 1 pod that is currently under development for the Boeing EA-18G Growler. The frequency bands those follow-on pods will have to operate in necessitates an almost completely new design for those jammers.

“We don’t anticipate any significant amount of common hardware due to the significantly different frequencies we’re dealing with and the location of the pod on the aircraft and, again, mutual interference effects,” Vice Adm. Paul Grosklags, commander of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) told the House Armed Services committee on June 7.

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WNU Editor: Who would have thought that building equipment that can jam the opponents signals would cost so much.

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