Saturday, June 3, 2017

This Low Pass Of An Attack Helicopter Is Truly Nuts

Warzone/The Drive: This Low Pass By A South African Rooivalk Attack Chopper Is Totally Nuts

It looks like SAAF pilots are having a ball with the world's relatively minuscule Rooivalk fleet.

The origin story of the South African designed and built Rooivalk (Red Kestrel) attack helicopter is a funky tale in itself. Huge sums of money were spent on developing the helicopter and its utility helicopter cousin, the Oryx, both of which are based on the Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma. It took 27 years for the Rooivalk to finally become operational in 2011. In the end only 14 Rooivaks were built, with a dozen left flying for the South African Air Force's 16th Squadron today.

But seeing how few exist, it is surprising that South African Air Force aviators push the helicopter to the crazy extremes shown in the video below.

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WNU Editor: That's what I call tempting fate.


James said...

Somebodies going to get a talking to, not so much for doing this, but it getting out on the net.

Steven Krische said...

That is crazy.