Thursday, June 15, 2017

This Small Norwegian Island Is Playing A Key Role In Monitoring Russian Submarines And Missile Activity In The Arctic

The military radar Globus II seen from the sea side. Photo: Atle Staalesen / BarentsObserver

New York Times/Miami Herald: The US is snooping on an infuriated Russia from a tiny, nervous island in the Arctic

VARDO, NORWAY: The population of the Arctic island of Vardo has shrunk to half of what it was 20 years ago, and the fishing industry that sustained its residents for generations has mostly collapsed.

But the local power company, citing a mysterious surge in electricity demand, began work last month to increase energy supplies, laying a thick new cable in a tunnel under the icy waters that separate the island from the Norwegian mainland.

The new electricity cable, along with the recent appearance of earth-moving equipment atop a rocky plateau overlooking Russia across the sea, points to one business that is flourishing in this part of the Arctic: snooping on Russia’s expanding fleet of nuclear submarines armed with ballistic missiles in the Barents Sea.

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WNU Editor: This is no small listening post.


Aizino Smith said...

Stalin collapsed the Norwegian fishing industry.

True fact. They imported crabs form Alaska in order to find cheaper, more abundant protein.

Norway already has casus belli to declare war on Russia. If they do, we are duty bound to support them.

James said...

This place is so secret that it can be viewed (2 yrs old photos) on google earth. It shows among other things the underground road access to the island and the rather large airport on the mainland side. A street view journey through town is enlightening.

B.Poster said...


This is the fallacy of NATO. Norway wants or needs this war. GO FOR IT!! America does NOT. When reading this initially I did have the thought "Norwegians are NOT Americans. They do NOT have our interests at heart. We are mere pawns to them to be used by them in their power struggle against Russia."

The words of the Russian leaders are actually quite wise. Pursue such actions and you undermine your peaceful existence AND they are u necessary. Furthermore some more sound advice to Norweigans, Stalin is dead. The Soviet Union is dead AND hood riddance to both. Stalin and the Soviet Union are dead and will NEVER be back.

As for America, unless radical changes occur its future is one of the following within the next 3 to 5 years. 1.) A breakup of the country along any of several lines with regards to the various states meaning the United States of America no longer exists which obviously ends America's participation in NATO. 2.) A major Islamic terrorist attack against America involving the use of WMD essentially ending America as we know it and meaning America would no longer be able to contribute to NATO. NATO would be the least of our worries AND none of these Norweigans f!ckers will be coming to our aid. "Article 5, never heard of it." Our reckless immigration policies all but guarantee this. 3.) Rusdia will lose all patience with America, ddcide they are done striving with it, and take decisive action militarily against it with the end result being the same as in scenario 2 but far worse.

A prudent move for Norwegians and this island would be recognize Russia has been there for centuries, is not going anywhere, and America and it's involvement are temporary nothing but a "flash in the pan," and make peace with the Russians.

Meanwhile some idiot Norwegian leader thinks this is but a "game." He needs to be removed forthwith.

Fusion said...

B Poster. I know you somehow think the US has the weakest military in the world I'm just curious has to why you think they can't fight a war but Russia somehow can. If the US can use its entire inventory of weapons in a war, how they hell can you claim they cannot harm Russia or any other country.

Aizino Smith said...

B Poster

The casus belli was a somewhat 'tongue in cheek' joke.

Russian action did cause a collapse of the fisheries. If a pretext for war was desired, this could be one. After all we had the War of Jenkin's Ear.

A poster would have caught onto the joke,. He has had more training in English and polemics.