Friday, June 9, 2017

Tonight's Movie Is 'Fortress'

From Wikipedia: Fortress (aka Flying Fortress) is a 2012 war film directed by Michael R. Phillips and stars Bug Hall, Donnie Jeffcoat, Sean McGowan and Joseph Williamson.[Note 1] The film was released by Bayou Pictures and although initially intended for wider release, was a direct-to-video release on July 31, 2012 made by Monarch Video. Fortress takes its name from the iconic Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress World War II bomber that is the centerpiece of the aerial battle in Europe.[3]

Fortress follows the crew of the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, named Lucky Lass and its crew as they fly in the campaign against Italy during World War II.[4] The opening title sequence in Fortress provides an background on the Mediterranean Theater of Operations and a plan to strike the Italian capitol of Rome on July 19, 1943.

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