Monday, June 5, 2017

Top Democrat On U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee: No Proof So Far Of Collusion Between Russia And Donald Trump’s Campaign

Market Watch: Top Democrat says there’s smoke, but ‘no smoking gun’ yet in Russia probe

WASHINGTON — The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee said there was no proof so far of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign, as Congress geared up for a week of high drama highlighted by the testimony of former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey.

“Listen, there’s a lot of smoke. We have no smoking gun at this point,” Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia said on CNN. “But there is a lot of smoke.”

As congressional Republican leaders begin a push to produce a legislative accomplishment before an August recess knowing the window of opportunity is closing, a series of hearings into possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election — and other challenges that have beset the Trump administration — threaten to derail their plans.

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Update: Warner on Russia probe: 'We have no smoking gun at this point' (The Hill)

WNU Editor: There has never been any proof of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign .... and saying that because Trump campaign workers met Russian officials .... or even worked with Russians in the passed is evidence of collusion .... is what is leading Democrat lawmakers (and the media) to now say this .... Warner: Possibility of Trump's interference 'very, very troubling' (UPI). Bottom line .... they have nothing .... because if they did it would have been raised months ago. The media excitement right now is focused on former FBI Director Comey's testimony later this week .... Comey-mania about to take over Washington (CNN). Here is another prediction .... it will also be a big nothing .... but the media and those who pray for impeachment will be touting it as just another indictment of President Trump and one more step towards impeachment. Speaking of impeachment .... here is the new strategy on how the impeachment of President Trump should proceed .... The best way to keep Trump in office would be to try to impeach him too soon (Jane Chong, Washington Post).

Update: The push-back on former FBI Director Comey's upcoming testimony is beginning .... Conservatives torch Comey’s credibility ahead of Senate hearing (McClatchy News).


Anonymous said...

If the Democrats don't deliver on finding evidence very soon it'll become a major major embarrassment to them and more importantly the secret services and the nation as a whole. Democrats have caused this dumpster fire and now they need to own it and deliver fast. The entire world is watching this embarrassment, and with a failure to deliver it will also be the final nail in the coffin of hillary Clinton, whose main excuse is the meddling of Russians and her innuendo that Trump possibly colluded with the Russians. This is not going to end well either way. ..

1. If they find evidence you will see a full cold war like state between the US and Russia quite quickly, impeachment and likely year long trial followed by treason conviction of a billionaire president... you cannot understate the consequences to the relations between Russia and the US - with immediate consequences in Syria and potentially Crimea/East Ukraine. ..and from there we'll be in a crisis comparable to the Cuban missile crisis

2. If they don't find evidence: a. Trump might become a two term president due to the massive damage the Democrats inflicted on themselves. Now if the Russians did or did not do it doesn't matter at this point. ..Outin absolutely eins this round. But. .there will be increased distrust and hard line components in the democratic party against Russia, and Putin must ensure hillary or her daughter can never be elected or risk severe blowback on all fronts.

B.Poster said...


I think you are spot on and there is actually very little that I can add, however, at this point, I think they may need to manufacture the evidence of collusion as it likely does not exist as with all the effort that has been directed toward this we would have expected it to be found by now.

The American injustice system of witch hunts and kangaroo courts has been gathering strength for some time. To date this has been mostly used on mid level personnel and people who lack the means to obtain proper legal counsel. To date, such things have not been directed at individuals such as a POTUS. The implications of convicting POTUS and members of his team in such a situation will have dire ramifications as well.

You are right about the ramifications that this will have on relations between Russia and the US and Cold War 2, however, I would add the situation would likely be worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis was. During that era Soviet/Russia had some degree of respect and trust toward us. Such does not exist now.

I would add also add that Cold War 2 is something we cannot afford, don't have the resources to prosecute effectively, and even if we did WE DO NOT NEED IT. I would agree that Putin will likely do all he can to ensure that HRC or her daughter are never elected to any office of importance. The hatred he has towards her (not entirely unjustified) may lead to a severe reaction toward her and an electorate who voted for her out of sheer anger and not because he fears her or America but out of his extreme hatred towards her, again, not entirely unjustified. Frankly, the preservation of HRC's political career, the advancement of daughter's political career, or the preservation of the Democrat party hardly seems worth exacerbating Cold War 2 over.

Now in your point 2 you mention the increased distrust that has developed. In order to push this narrative, the Democrats have upset a very careful diplomatic process that took months if not years to carefully and meticulously put together. The ramifications of this cannot be expressed enough. In spite of this, the Russians STILL seem willing to negotiate with us but I have to believe at some point they are going to lose all patience with the diplomatic process. As far as winning the round goes, if DJT can negotiate an end to Cold War 2 we would all "win/" Unfortunately that is going to be very difficult right now, however, once the circus trial is completed perhaps it would still be possible.

Aizino Smith said...

Another month

Another nothing burger

Maybe the Dems can get the 2018 elections postponed until their chances are better when they quit lying.