Wednesday, June 14, 2017

U.N. Report: U.S. Led Air Strikes Are Causing Staggering Civilian Deaths At Raqqa

Smoke rises from the al-Mishlab district at Raqqa's southeastern outskirts, Syria June 7, 2017. REUTERS/Rodi Said

Reuters: "Staggering" civilian deaths from U.S.-led air strikes in Raqqa - U.N.

Intensified coalition air strikes supporting an assault by U.S.-backed forces on Islamic State's stronghold of Raqqa in Syria are causing a "staggering loss of civilian life", United Nations war crimes investigators said on Wednesday.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a group of Kurdish and Arab militias supported by a U.S.-led coalition, began to attack Raqqa a week ago to take it from the jihadists. The SDF, supported by heavy coalition air strikes, have taken territory to the west, east and north of the city.

"We note in particular that the intensification of air strikes, which have paved the ground for an SDF advance in Raqqa, has resulted not only in staggering loss of civilian life, but has also led to 160,000 civilians fleeing their homes and becoming internally displaced," Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the U.N. Commission of Inquiry told the Human Rights Council.

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Hans Persson said...

... and?

Anonymous said...

Wooot! I'm sure one of those people 'Murica exploded was Hitler III or Osama IV or Stalin V. Make more boom booms please, it's the only thing we're good at.

Aizino Smith said...

Hamburg was fire bombed.

A person could be a block or more away and they would be sucked up into the firestorm.

Can you imagine being a block away and being dragged by the wind into a fire?

Tokyo was firebombed. You would think the river would be safe. It is where I would have gone. People were suffocated in the river. It could not protect them.

War is hell.

Perhaps Anon (the Leftists) could do a better job given the constraints.

Constraints would be time, money, willingness of troops to take casualties. hypothetically speaking troops might be willing to take 15% casualties, but might not want to take 20%. That might be too much. If you do not defeat your enemy in a certain amount of time, they might adapt, metastatize. And stupid drooling dufus, you do not know ahead of time what your time limit is.

I could see Leftist Anon dick around and dick around, if he had been in charge of the Allies in WW2. the V3 might have gotten used and London would be dust. The Amerika bomber would have been built and NYC would have glowed.

The longer it takes to close the deal in At Raqqah means the longer it takes to close the deal at Dier ez Zur. It means the longer that ISIS has to send people out in a rat line and metastatize.

No doofus people have been caught around water reservoir and other places. The one at the Northeast corridor water reservoir were let go, because of doofuses exacly like you.

At some point they will properly scout, make their plans and strike. they are not giving up, but you being the utter dufus that you are writing all the ROE or are trying to.