Saturday, June 17, 2017

U.S. Navy Destroyer Has Returned To Port After Colliding With A Container Ship But 7 Sailors Are Missing And Feared Dead -- News Updates

Daily Mail: Captain of stricken $1.5bn US Navy destroyer is airlifted to hospital as up to SEVEN sailors are missing or feared dead after it collided with 29,000 ton cargo ship off Japan

* Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a Philippines merchant vessel off the coast of Japan Saturday
* US defense official said there are seven sailors unaccounted for and three injured, including the commander
* Rescuers are searching for seamen thought to be lost at sea or trapped inside the damaged naval vessel
* The Navy says damage occurred to the starboard side, above and below the Fitzgerald's waterline
* Bryce Benson was appointed Executive Officer of the Fitzgerald in 2015, took over as Commander last month

The captain of the stricken USS Fitzgerald was among those injured during the collision of the warship with a 29,000 ton cargo vessel as the US Navy said that up to seven missing sailors could be trapped in the mangled wreck.

Rescuers are working to reach the compartments below deck as the destroyer is tugged back to port without its captain Bryce Benson, who has been 'transferred to U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka and is reportedly in stable condition', according to a press statement from the US 7th Fleet.

The Wisconsin native, who took command of the AEGIS-equipped vessel in May of 2016, was med-evacuated along with two other crew members from the ship after the collision with the the container vessel ACX Crystal and is in a stable condition.

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WNU Editor: For more up to date coverage, the U.S. Navy's Twitter page is here. The Twitter feed on the collision is here.

U.S. Navy Destroyer Has Returned To Port After Colliding With A Container Ship But 7 Sailors Are Missing And Feared Dead -- News Updates

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