Thursday, June 1, 2017

What Would A Future Battleship Look Like

The USS Iowa fires a full broadside. Photo credit: U.S. Navy

Dr. Robert Farley, FoxTrot Alpha: What A 21st Century Battleship Could Look Like

President Donald Trump seems to like big, “bold” ideas. Throw nukes around? Sure. Rip up the deck of an aircraft carrier to install the “goddamned steam?” Okay, fine. But what if we brought back one of the biggest military statements America has ever had—what if we brought back the battleship?

It’s not that the current American capital ship, the aircraft carrier, is obsolete. But the the Gerald R. Ford-class of aircraft carriers are remarkably, enormously expensive, and potentially vulnerable to many kinds of attack. Many of the Navy’s other surface ships exist essentially in order to support and defend the carrier, making a carrier battle group a huge investment of national treasure.

What if another kind of ship could take on some of that load?

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WNU Editor: For all those who dream of the age of battleships .... this is a must read.

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