Saturday, June 10, 2017

Will The U.S. Increase Its Commitment To Target Terror Money Networks?

Washington Free Beacon: Experts: Trump needs to rebuild U.S. ability to target terrorist’s money networks

Government suffered brain drain after Obama 'systematically' dismantled investigations.

The Trump administration needs to significantly rebuild and expand law enforcement agencies' ability to target and take down terrorist financing networks after President Obama systematically disbanded the work in an attempt to ease relations with Iran for the nuclear deal, according to former senior U.S. officials with decades of experience in the field.

There was a mass exodus of top officials who spent years trying to bolster the U.S. government's ability to target these terrorist networks' illicit financing after the Obama administration dismantled their investigative units over the past several years, these experts say.

Trump now has a chance to reconstruct and redouble economic warfare against terrorist entities tied to Iran and others, but both Congress and the White House need to devote the necessary resources to do it.

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WNU Editor: The above article is critical of President Obama's approach towards cutting the funds that feed terror networks. But he is not the only one who is guilty .... the West has long preached the need to cut the terror money flow, but in practice what is really necessary to cut the flow has not been done. Case in point .... this post I put up in 2010 is still applicable today .... Saudi Money Continues To Fund Islamic Extremism (May 31, 2010).