Sunday, July 16, 2017

Before And After Satellite Images Of Mosul

Foreign Policy: Mosul, Before and After, in Satellite Images

Aerial photographs of seven sites in Mosul from 2015 and now illustrate the extent of the city's destruction.

Raging for nine months, the street-by-street fight to retake Mosul from the Islamic State outlasted the Battle of Verdun — the longest and largest conflict of World War I. As Iraqi forces won back the city this week, death, destruction, and dust are all that’s left in Iraq’s second-largest metropolis. Satellite images provided to Foreign Policy by DigitalGlobe vividly illustrate this shocking transformation.

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Update: "Shocking" Before And After Satellite Photos From Mosul (Zero Hedge).

WNU Editor: Wow .... the destruction of Western Mosul defies description.

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Jac said...

Just horrible. It's appealing about the humanity. With news it looks like the "new normal"......................