Monday, July 17, 2017

Setbacks And Hidden Charges Have Pushed The Cost Of Britain's F-35 Stealth Aircraft To £150m Each

F-35A Lightning II fighter jets from the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, fly in formation over the Utah Test and Training Range, March 30, 2017. Pentagon officials announced April 14, 2017, that the Air Force is deploying a small number of F-35A fighters to Europe for training. (U.S. Air Force photo/R. Nial Bradshaw)

The Times: Britain spends billions on flawed fighter jets

Setbacks and hidden charges push cost of F-35 stealth aircraft to £150m each

Britain is paying hundreds of millions of pounds in hidden costs for a next-generation warplane that will be unable to function properly because of defence cuts, an investigation by The Times has revealed.

The F-35 Lightning II, the most expensive aircraft of its kind, has been described by Sir Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, as the “most powerful and comprehensive” fast jet in history. Its American manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, has said that the aircraft will cost Britain between £77 million and £100 million each.

However, taxpayers face spending more than £150 million for each of the high-tech fighter-bombers delivered this year, analysis suggests. The extras — for items such as software upgrades, spare parts and “cost reduction initiatives” — are buried in US defence contracts and have not been included in the published figures.

Military insiders have told of fears about the aircraft, which continues to suffer setbacks described by one former senior officer as “utterly pathetic”. Britain is buying the more costly F-35-B model, which is designed to take off and land vertically. US documents reveal that four already purchased are too heavy to perform this function safely.

The full scale of problems facing the F-35 Lightning II can be exposed today:

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WNU Editor: A brutal analysis from the Times.

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Anonymous said...

That's how you succeed in business long term. .jack up the prices and f*ck everyone over. Clever move, Lockheed Martin.

Bohemond said...

The cost of the new aircraft carriers, plus the F 35s, means the army will be cut from about 80,000 to 60-65,000 and probably the loss of one Royal Marine Commando unit to try and balance the accounts.

jimbrown said...

Damn undercoat.

Andrew Jackson said...

I love the F-35!