Friday, August 11, 2017

Japan Deploys Missile Defense System To Central Tokyo

Daily Mail: Japan moves missile defence system into central Tokyo as people rush to buy bomb shelters and US citizens in Hawaii are told to prepare for a nuclear attack… but South Koreans are surprisingly blasé

* PAC-3 Patriot missile unit moved into a compound at Tokyo's Defence Ministry
* Comes as sales of bomb shelters continue to rise amid the North Korea crisis
* South Korea says it is planning to bolster defences to create a 'winning military'
* Hawaii says it is working on how to warn its 1.4million resident in event of attack

Japan has wheeled missile defence systems into the heart of Tokyo after North Korea threatened to send a volley of rockets over the country towards Guam.

Pictures show how a PAC-3 Patriot missile unit has been moved in to a compound at the Defence Ministry in the capital after officials said they could shoot down North Korean rockets if they pass overhead.

Sales of bomb shelters in Japan are said to have increased as tensions continue to rise in the region while officials in Seoul have vowed to bolster their defences. But South Korean citizens - long accustomed to its neighbour's fearsome rhetoric - are staying remarkably calm as the crisis unfolds, it has been reported.

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WNU Editor: This is becoming the new normal.


Hans Persson said...

Hmm.. I wonder if there is something that we dont know..

James said...

The most interested observers of this has to be Iran and Israel. The US cannot ignore the tie ins. I expect things to happen in the ME.

fazman said...

South Korean civilians must be a special kind of stupid.

Anonymous said...

no. comment is

B.Poster said...

"...but South Koreans are surprisingly blasé..." I picked up on this too. They are strangely quite.

As I had stated earlier, I suspect they are calling the shots behind the scenes. Obviously POTUS and his team are not going to say/tweet anything or make any moves militarily without first consulting with and getting the approval of South Korea.

Perhaps they are stupid, perhaps they are simply numb to the threat after having faced it for so long, or perhaps they simply don't grasp the threat and are treating this as a big political game. If this is the case, obviously this has the potential to end badly. If so, America takes all the blame. If it goes well, they take the credit and score points politically!! Hence they are staying quite putlically.

fred lapides said...

Perhaps a Western face, outlook, ought not be similar to an Asian one

Aizino Smith said...

B Poster,

Some one replied to one of my posts a while back and told me not to encourage you, since you were a troll.

That is they told me:


"They are strangely quite. " - B Poster

You want the word 'quiet' not 'quite'

What is the word 'putlically'?

For your sake, I hope your boss tolerates failure well.

Does he inspect you work?

You better hope that he does not.

fred lapides said...

Girlie boy talk