Friday, August 11, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 11, 2017

The Guardian: US and South Korea to stage huge military exercise despite North Korea crisis

Tens of thousands of troops to take part in joint drill this month, while war of words between Kim and Trump remains dangerously unpredictable

US and South Korean militaries will go ahead with massive sea, land and air exercises later this month, despite a spiralling situation in which North Korea has threatened to fire missiles towards a US Pacific territory.

The annual joint exercises, named Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, have long been planned for 21-31 August, but now come at a time when both Washington and Pyongyang are on heightened alert, raising the spectre of a mishap or overreaction.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 11, 2017

As North plans missile launch, US, S. Korea ready war games -- AP

Q&A: What Does the US Military Do on the Island of Guam? --

US, Japanese troops begin joint military exercise amid North Korea threat -- FOX News

CIA, other agencies agree with assessment on miniaturized N. Korean nukes: report -- The Hill

The United States Has Military Options to Deal with North Korea -- Dave Majumdar, National Interest

Retired Air Force General: The US Could Wipe Out North Korea In 15 Minutes Flat -- Alex Lockie, Task & Purpose/Business Insider

North Korea-US tensions: seven potential scenarios -- Julian Borger, The Guardian

North Korea SLBMs prompt South to consider nuclear subs -- UPI

Japan could legally intercept a Guam-bound North Korea missile: Kyodo -- Reuters

U.S. and Guam Shielded From North Korean Missiles by High-Tech Defenses -- Washington Free Beacon

Pyongyang challenge: Should US shoot Kim’s missiles down? -- AP

Russia Boosts Air Defense in Far East Amid Escalating N Korea Nuclear Situation -- Sputnik

South China Sea: Chinese military tells US ship 10 times to turn around -- The Guardian

As global reach grows, China builds military to match -- Michael Holtz, CSM

DF-31AG ICBM can carry multiple warheads, claims China’s state media -- Jane's 360

Canada: Impasse over intellectual property is tying up warship bids -- CBC

UK criticised over sales of military equipment to Venezuela -- The Guardian

German Defense Industry Gearing Up -- The Cipher Brief

Hornet squadron suspended flights last month after latest cockpit problems -- Navy Times

Here’s How the US Military Wants to Counter ISIS Drones and Roadside Bombs -- Defense One

Sig’s P320, The Army’s New Handgun, Is In Hot Water After Multiple Reports Of Safety Defects -- Task & Purpose

Trump promises ‘billions’ more for missile defenses -- The Hill

Fire Scout UAV Prepares for LCS -- RCD

The Navy’s First Female SEAL Officer Applicant Just Dropped Out -- Task & Purpose

Auditors: Military Bands Can't Toot Their Own Horns --

ISS: Is Trump militarising US-Africa policy? -- Defense Web

Five Facts About a Controversial Nuclear Weapon -- Will Saetren, War on the Rocks

McCain offers Afghanistan strategy amid Trump’s indecision -- Defense News

Trump's indecision on Afghanistan leaves generals in lurch -- Wesley Morgan, Politico

On Afghanistan, Trump Is Right to Hesitate -- Rupert Stone, NRO

Afghanistan's Special Operation Forces Can Conduct 30 Ops in 24 Hours -- TOLO


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