Monday, October 30, 2017

Early Trump Foreign Policy Campaign Adviser Pleaded Guilty To Making False Statements On Russia To The FBI


Business Insider: Early Trump campaign adviser pleaded guilty to making false statements about Russia contacts to FBI

An early foreign policy adviser and aide to President Donald Trump's campaign team, George Papadopoulos, secretly pleaded guilty earlier this month to making false statements to the FBI about the nature and extent of his contacts with foreign nationals who he knew had ties to senior Russian government officials.

Papadopoulos, 30, was a foreign policy adviser to Trump's campaign in early 2016. He sent at least six emails to top Trump advisers during the campaign offering to set up meetings with Russian officials, the Washington Post reported in August. The first of those emails was sent in March 2016 with the subject line " Meeting with Russian Leadership - Including Putin."

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Update #1: Former Trump aide George Papadopoulos pleads guilty in Mueller probe -- Chicago Tribune/AP
Update #2: Early Trump campaign adviser pleaded guilty to making false statements about Russia contacts to FBI (Business Insider).
Update #3: Former Trump Foreign Policy Adviser Pleaded Guilty in Mueller Probe (Bloomberg)

WNU Editor: If what I am reading is true, I have one word to describe former Trump campaign foreign-policy adviser (and a very minor one at that) George Papadopoulos ..... dumb. It is obvious that no one in the senior levels of the Trump campaign believed he had any serious ties with Russia .... and they ignored him .... but his lying on the dates and who he knew in Russia to the FBI was (and is) beyond stupid. You do not lie to the FBI .... especially on something where telling the truth would not have caused him any problems. But it looks his ego (or God knows what else) got in his way of telling the truth, and now according to his plea deal, he is going to serve 6 months in jail and pay a few thousand dollars in a fine. On a positive note .... this case is now my poster-child on how not to behave when you meet the FBI when they call you in for questioning. The statement of the offense is below .... and if you have the time .... it is well worth the read:


fred said...

Fired US Attorney Preet Bharara advised that as early revelations are made public, watch carefully what Trump says and how he reacts via his tweets

Anonymous said...

Trump is being Trump. Look at how he acted before being president. He was a disgraceful human being with a temper back then and is it today. And while I think he's a disgrace to the nation and lacks intellectual capacity (compared to eg Obama) in some fields, I don't think he's dunb enough to reveal any secrets if there are indeed any wrt Russia. But then again, I've been wrong about how stupid he actually can be before -- I've been right about cnn though, I insist on that hehe

fred said...

Dear Anon

there are some 30- anons and some say nasty things about CNN and so we do not know if you were right or wrong or even what you said.
Since we do not know what someone called Anon said, you may be right. you may be wrong. all we do know? you said something at some time about CNN. I wrote this comment and Wolf Blitzer approves

jimbrown said...

Mueller did not pull a Comey.

Time to bring some justice to the dems who led the Russia-Trump BS.

Unknown said...

Obama was an affirmative action student in college. It became glaring obvious, when he was on the Harvard Law Review.

Obama is not that smart, which is why his thesis and college grades are under lock and key.

Unknown said...

Wolf Blitzed approves?