Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Chinese Newspaper On The Border Of North Korea Gives Advice On What To Do If There Is A Nuclear War

A state-run newspaper published a 'common sense' guide to surviving a nuclear blast, advising people to use masks, wash off radioactive particles and avoid contaminated water

New York Times: Near North Korea’s Border, a Chinese Paper Offers Tips on Nuclear Fallout

SHANGHAI — The official newspaper of a Chinese province adjoining North Korea published a full page of blunt advice on Wednesday about what to do in case of a nuclear explosion or radioactive fallout, from hiding indoors to bathing quickly with soap.

The newspaper, Jilin Daily, printed the advice as the United States and South Korea were conducting extensive military exercises this week, and after President Trump repeatedly threatened to take unspecified action if North Korea did not agree to halt its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. The publication came less than a week after Hawaii resumed testing of a Cold War-era warning system designed to alert residents of an imminent nuclear attack.

The advice published by the newspaper emphasized ways for residents to minimize their exposure to radioactive fallout. The suggestions, including cartoons vaguely reminiscent of those published in the United States during the 1950s, emphasized taking shelter indoors, washing off suspected radioactive dust from exposed body parts and shoes, and taking other precautions consistent with past tips from civil defense experts in the West.

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WNU Editor: Thinking of the unthinkable.

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