Thursday, December 7, 2017

The U.S. Navy's 2nd Zumwalt-Class Guided-Missile Destroyer Begins Its Sea Trials

The Diplomat: 2nd Zumwalt-Class Guided-Missile Destroyer Begins Sea Trials

The stealth destroyer took to the open ocean for the first time on Monday afternoon.

The future USS Michael Monsoor, the second ship of the Zumwalt-class, the U.S. Navy’s biggest and technologically most advanced class of guided-missile destroyers, took to the sea for the first time on December 4 to conduct initial sea trials, according to ship maker Bath Iron Works (BIW).

“Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001) is currently on Builders Trials, testing the hull, mechanical and engineering components of the ship,” BIW said in a statement. “While all these systems are tested pierside, there is no substitute for the real world testing taking place in the Gulf of Maine.”

Neither the U.S. Navy nor BIW released additional details.

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Update: US’ Stealthy Zumwalt-Class Destroyer Starts Sea Trials (VIDEO) (Sputnik).

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