Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Will China Back North Korea In The Event Of War?

Fortune: China Hints That It May Back North Korea in the Event of a War

The increasingly tense stand-off between the U.S. and North Korea may have hit a new high this week.

As U.S. and South Korean military units conducted an annual air power exercise over the Korean Peninsula, China’s air force reportedly staged exercises in “routes and areas it has never flown before” over the Yellow and East Seas. The exercise involved reconnaissance planes, fighter jets, an early warning and control aircraft, and a joint operation with surface-to-air missile units.

The South China Morning Post quotes Li Jie, a Beijing-based military expert, as saying the drills were done specifically to send a message to Donald Trump.

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WNU Editor: Is China stupid enough to support North Korea in the event of war is a question that none of my Chinese friends and contacts want to answer. This is actually quite a change from 30 years ago when all of them told me that they would. But that was then .... today ..... to support North Korea!?!?!? A wretched country ruled by a family dynasty with its own warped version of a Stalinist system .... it baffles me to think that China would jeopardize everything that they have built in the past 35 years to protect  someone like Kim Jong-Un. Unfortunately .... from my perspective .... they are signaling to South Korea/Japan/the U.S. that they will. I have said a few times in the past that culturally and historically no one comes close to the Chinese. But politically .... both on the national and international level .... they still have a lot to learn.


Anonymous said...

Lol how does one not come close culturally to Chinese? Their manners - urinating and defecating in public streets of countries they visit as tourists - is really something we can all learn from right?
Or their culture of intimidating all nations in APAC. And I mean all.
Or their culture of drug use, production and shipping? Just ask the Philippines. Goes up to Duterte. Remember how he was all like "let's kill every drug user and pusher" and then two weeks after his son's connection to the Chinese drug cartels became public and people talked about it he suddenly changed all that. .. wow...
Or did you mean their culture of inventing paper and explosives? Now that culture I liked. But every freaking country invented things without theft thuggery and then claiming you're the best thing in the world. Or did you mean their culture of stealing corporate and military secrets and then having the balls to parade the very same designs at their military parades? Or their culture of human rights abuses including abuses against people who hold foreign passports? You gotta like their sleep deprivation torture halls. So much culture there.

Stop buying into the nonsense of a Chinese harp playing Konfuzius quoting kungfu master. That's Hong Kong cinema you are thinking about.

Chinese today are arrogant, lusting for war and would at a heart beat support north Korea of they think they can get away with it. Which is exactly what they did in the first Korean war. And they did.

Wake the f up

Anonymous said...

China not only backed North Korea during the first Korean war (and yes, killing Americans), but now they also provided military equipment to North Korea -- of course China will back North Korea. They have home advantage, and could easily bleed dry American troops. No chance the US could win against North Korea and China on home soil, without doing absolutely inhumane things, which I know the American public would not support. Hence the Chinese know that not only would they get to keep their puppet proxy state, but also strengthen it and their control over it in case they do need to side with North Korea, which they absolutely will if it helps their cause. Which, judging on all their prior actions (selling rocket fuel that is used to target japan usa and other nations to north korea). Learn from their actions, don't be so foolish to buy into their optics like sending people to north korea to talk. That's a pr stunt.

B.Poster said...

"Is China stupid enough to support North Korea..." One of the things I have learned over the years is that all humans have the capacity be very, very stupid at times so yes I think they really are that stupid.

Essentially the US has been backed into a corner in the conflict with North Korea and has no choice at this point. Given the dire nature of the threat posed by North Korea the threshold at which America will use its nuclear arsenal is going to be far lower than it was in the first Korean war.

If we assume America's arsenal actually works, China will be dealing with about 2,000 angry nuclear weapons. What does China have about 200? I shall look this up. Obviously 200 can do quite a bit of damage. 2,000 can do even more. I don't think China really wants that fight but, as stated, the capacity for humans to be very, very stupid is overwhelming.

Of course this assumes America's nuclear arsenal actually works. Candidate Trump was 100% correct to question this. A few months back he stated the first thing he did when he took office was to upgrade the nuclear arsenal. I hope he actually did. Either way, when war does get "hot" with North Korea with or without Chinese involvement millions of Americans and perhaps 10s of millions of Americans are going to die. At least with a viable nuclear arsenal we have a fighting chance.

You ask about supporting North Korea. According to the article you lined to in a previous post apparent a number of nations including US "allies" are doing business with them. In international relations it appears that however "wretched" a country and its government may be have no bearing. The things that seem to matter are 1.)what are you offering, 2.)do I want what you are offering, 3.)if I want what you are offering, what is the price, and 4.)am I willing and able to pay the price?

I've said this before. I will say it again. The crux of the problem is North Korea is threatening America. America and its leaders need to feel that they are safe. China and Russia need to approach the problem from this angle. How can they make America legitimately feel safe? At this point, a resolution to this situation becomes possible.

Aizino Smith said...

"Their manners - urinating and defecating in public streets of countries they visit as tourists "

I have only seen 1 kid do this in Beijing. So that is an outlier.

Now, if I walk down Santa Monica Boulevard, it won't be hard to find human excrement.

If you walk in Paris on Christmas Eve, you are walking through a mine field. You have to watch every single step.

Also the WW2 Army hygiene films were not perhaps superfluous. They were meant perhaps to bring everyone one up to an acceptable common level? But did it last? or are floaters in a 'hazy' public pools a problem? If you can smell chloramines, then you are not safe.