Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Delivers A Response To His Firing

WNU Editor: His voice sounds very shaky. He has the look of a man who is in shock that he has just been fired.


Anonymous said...

Rex is a much better man than Trump.

Probably, for this reason, he is going... Trump likes to be the top dog. He will not accept a challenger to his intelligence.

The Trump administration has experienced probabliy more walkouts, more firings, more staff changes than probably any previous administration.

fred lapides said...

he can get unemployment pay unless gop cuts that too

B.Poster said...

He does seem stunned in a way that would be difficult to fake. I realize there have been numerous reports that he and POTUS were/are on the outs and the ouster of T-Rex was imminent. Due to the complete shock the man appears to show at this turn of events, I tend to discount that theory. It seems more like the concept of a broken clock being right twice a day.

Several things I noticed, his tribute to the military was touching. His statement that they do what they do for the love of country, for you, and for me is so true. Unfortunately he says it on his way out. During his tenure there was nothing to indicate he felt this way. Furthermore his demeanor and tone indicates he doesn't really velieve this. I think he thinks these nen and women are pawns to be used as pawns as he/the government see fit. This has been the typical viewpoint of the government at least post WW2. As such, T-Rex's position on this is hardly surprising. Elites do what they are. They are what they do.

I will add though in Mr. Tillerson's case he was correct though he was politically grand standing and any soldier today will instantly know this. For those who don't know I will explain. These men and wonen do NOT sign up to fight for Japanese, South Korean, or other territorial claims.

When he talks about North and South Korea, he perks up just a bit. He tries to take sone credit. This is just to cute. Were this not serious it would be quite funny. Actually it is funny. As someone who has posted here before has been known to say ROFLMAO!!

The main contributors here were/are South Korea, POTUS, China, and Russia. Our top diplomat contributed NOTHING. To use an American football analogy, the concept of a peaceful resolution was 4th down and 30 from its own one inch line. The aforementioned moved this process to 1st down at midfield like lightning and our top diplomat contributed NOTHING. This alone would be grounds for dismissal. If your top diplomat doesn't contribute, do you really need him/her?

This has run long. Time permitting I will offer further analysis.

B.Poster said...


I find it intersting that T-Rex is suddenly a "good man" or better man in the eyes of some. When he first took the job, he was a villian working for the hated Trump.

It's as though the anti-Trump movement has fallen to such depravity that all one needs to do to be "good" is to be opposed by Trump. Such instant changes in how one views others indicates mental instability. I'm pretty sure foreign leaders are aware that many such people who hold positions of power in the US government and are taking notice.

You're probably correct about the personnel changes. There's a variety of reasons for this. On the other hand, generally there has been no problem replacing them indicating that allot of people want to work with the Administration.

I find it interesting that DJT has been criticized for having a number of members of the military working in his Administration and for listening to them. Military personnel want to work with the Administration more than they have for any other in recent memory or so it seems. The actions of the critics indicate such depravity that they'd be willing to deprive military members of persuing their career goals and by suggesting they aren't smart enough to choose what work they choose to do and whom they want to work with is no doubt extremely insulting to many of them.