Monday, April 16, 2018

Next-Gen Drones May Soon Have The Ability To Decide Who To Kill

An MQ-9 Reaper Pilot. Photo: US Air Force

Peter Lee, Asia Times: Flying killer robots? Drones will soon decide who to kill

Once complete, next-gen drones will represent the ultimate militarization of artificial intelligence. They will also ignite a vast legal and ethical debate.

Science fiction is fast becoming science fact: The US Army recently announced that it is developing the first drones that can spot and target vehicles and people using artificial intelligence (AI).

This is a huge step forward. Whereas current military drones are still controlled by people, this new technology will decide who to kill with almost no human involvement. This will grant machines power over human life.

Once complete, these drones will represent the ultimate militarisation of AI and trigger vast legal and ethical implications for wider society to debate. Could warfare shift from fighting to extermination – losing any semblance of humanity in the process? Could the sphere of warfare widen so that the companies, engineers and scientists building AI become valid targets?

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WNU Editor: Yup .... science fiction fast becoming science fact.


Bob Huntley said...

As is always the case, the science fiction writers lay out the conceptual and imaginative definitions that often defy reality, and then developers pick up on those concepts and begin developing the functional specifications that eventually bring reality to those far fetched concepts.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon the variant on Descartes:
I am, you're not.