Thursday, July 12, 2018

Another U.S. Military Review Of Its Strategy In Afghanistan

Paul Szoldra, Task & Purpose: The US May Conduct A Review Of Its Strategy In Afghanistan, For The 50,000th Time

The U.S. military is preparing to conduct a review of its strategy in Afghanistan for what is probably the 50,000th time in the 17-year-long conflict.

Reuters reported Tuesday the White House hadn’t yet formally ordered a review, but several officials said preparations are being made for a “government-wide appraisal” within the next few months. The news comes as President Trump has reportedly expressed “frustration” over his August 2017 Afghanistan strategy’s mediocre results — and weeks after Lt. Gen. Austin S. Miller, a former Army special operations officer, was confirmed by the Senate to take command in Afghanistan and receive his fourth star.

The general was careful not to talk about “turning points” or offer a timeline during his confirmation hearing. Instead, he forged a new line of reasoning for a continued presence there: to stop the next 9/11 — a logical leap that doesn’t pass the smell test.

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WNU Editor: Gen. John Nicholson is gone, and Lt. Gen. Austin S. Miller is now in command. My experience is that when there are these type of changes, a new assessment is done. Unfortunately .... I think this will be the 11th or 12th assessment that has been done since 2001, and it will come to the same conclusions as the previous ones.

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opit said...

Pretty much. Any 'assessment' predicated on the premise that a conflict in perfectly adequate state of disruption in the 1840's is a '17 year conflict' should remain safely inane in comparison to reality.