Thursday, October 11, 2018

Florida's Tyndall Air Force Base Suffers "Widespread Catastrophic Damage" From Hurricane Michael

Warzone/The Drive: Tyndall Air Force Base In Ruins After Michael, Fighter Jets Seen Inside Roofless Hangars

The sprawling installation has been devastated by Michael, with aircraft having been exposed to the elements after hangar roofs blew away.

Yesterday, we reported that Tyndall Air Force Base—the home of F-22 training and the USAF's full-scale aerial target program—took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael, with its eye passing right overhead. Now we are seeing just how bad the damage is and it is downright horrific.

Supposedly, the wind gauge on the base broke after winds hit 135 mph and are now thought to have reached above 150mph or even greater. A reevaluation of meteorological data from many sources could even result in Michael being retroactively reclassified from a category four to a category five hurricane.

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Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, This is what hundreds of billions of dollars of damage looks like.

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Sidebar. It isn't just bridges and highways that suffer infrastructure degradation from neglect. Link rot affects "My Favorite Blogs and Web Sites"