Thursday, November 8, 2018

Henry Kissinger Voices The Need For China And The U.S. To Reveal Their Red Lines To Avoid Conflict

Chinese leader Zhou Enlai with Henry Kissinger in Beijing in 1971. Photo: AFP

SCMP: Henry Kissinger: China, US must reveal red lines to avoid conflict

* China’s continued growth means Washington and Beijing will inevitably “step on each others’ toes”, says American former secretary of state, 95
* But he is “optimistic” about US-China ties, saying problems can be worked through if each side is clear about the concessions they are willing to make

Speak openly to each other about your red lines and the concessions you are willing to make to avoid conflict.

That was Henry Kissinger’s advice to feuding world powers on Tuesday, as he warned Washington and Beijing an all-out conflict between them would destroy the current world order.

Speaking at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore, the American former secretary of state, 95, who is widely respected for his prescient views on geopolitics, said it was inevitable that the world’s two biggest economies would “step on each others’ toes” as the Asian power continued to grow rapidly.

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WNU Editor: I do not walk with the people that Henry Kissinger walks with, but the people that I know in China tell me that China is not interested in compromise and/or telling the U.S. on what are China's limits. To the Chinese .... at least the China of today .... there are no limits.


Bob Huntley said...

To give out your red line means accepting all the BS that will play our during the journey to the red line.

B.Poster said...


I think it means understanding what you must not do to escalate a conflict. Once this is known, it is then possible to negotiate. This appears to be the US strategy.

With that said, if the editor's analysis in his comment is accurate, then there can be no negotiations. It means China is getting read to attack us no matter what we do and it is only a matter of when. In this case, we need a redeployment of forces that gives us the best possible chance at defense and we are going to need to vastly increase our military capabilities.

Anonymous said...

Knowing their red lines does not mean accepting their red lines.

Red lines are such things as establishing hegemony over a region of the earth to include many countries not yours. So 'youu' red line could be in conflict with many other people's red lines.

So Kissinger is not exactly helping and Kissinger left over 3200 American troops to rot in Vietnam.

He is not exactly a moral or bright man.

Bob Huntley said...


Some see the glass have full some see it half empty when in fact the glass is actually always full.

China isn't about to attack the US. The issue is simply the US wants to know how much they can get away with pushing China. Imagine if China asked the US the same thing. What do you think the US would say?

Bob Huntley said...


Kissinger on the value of soldiers.

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

― Henry Kissinger

A belief echoed in the actions of every President since Dwight. Jimmy excluded of course.

Jac said...

I thought that is was "territory" for China and "Freedom of Navigation" for America.