Thursday, November 8, 2018

US Air Force Test-Fires A Minuteman III Missile From California

Epoch Times: Video: US Air Force Test-Fires Minuteman III Missile from California

The United States test-fired an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, on Nov. 6.

“Test launches provide valuable data for U.S. Strategic Command and the U.S. Air Force. A reliable test launch occurs when a test missile launches, completes its flight path within a designated safety corridor, the equipment functions properly, sensor data is collected, and the reentry vehicle impacts where targeted,” Global Strike Command officials told KSBY News.

They added: “Though the reentry vehicle reached its intended target, the test and analysis data is not releasable to the public.”

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Update: Air Force test-launches missile from California base (Air Force Times/AP)

WNU Editor: Another missile test, but what made this one special is that the U.S. Air Force went out of its way to make it public that this test had nothing to do with world events .... U.S. Air Force Says Latest Missile Test 'Not Related to Any Real World Events' (Gizmodo). When you go out of your way to explain something, that usually tells me that the rational that you are discounting is the rational on why you actually did it.


Anonymous said...

WNU - it's a signal to either North Korea, China or Iran. Russia knows. They don't have to be reminded. North Korea.. I just don't think he would be that crazy. He wants to live. And he has given Trump ample chance to nuke him / justify it, in case he tries anything nuke-related himself. But no, my money is on Iran. (It's not China either because you would not remind them of your capabilities or show them. They know and are very well prepared). No it's Iran, IMO. And Trump wants to remind them that they have 2 choices: React (with terror incidents/other large scale events), or finally play along and be sincere about it. Likely the CIA has intercepted some signals that the Iranians want to buy and then deploy a nuke in one of the US large cargo ports - one of the classical terror scenarios that are relatively easy to achieve; easier yet: dirty bombs in new york, washington, Silicon Valley. Cost would be astronomical (billions if not more) and achievable for under <20million. The full blast/cargo port scenario would be more expensive than a dirty bomb. I'd estimate > 50mn. So Iran probably wants to go the cheap route, more easily accomplishable route.. i.e. dirty bomb. And Trump lets them know what will happen to -them- if they even try, and especially if they succeed. If Iran succeeds, he might completely wipe out Teheran. Trump is not a guy to dick around.

Anonymous said...

Plus, for either China and Russia, launching a minute man would be a too timid demonstration of power. Putin probably sleeps with a nuke in his bed from time to time (I am sure, photos will surface at one point... what, you think he only rides horses?). And China have a few hundred nukes (and better delivery systems than the minute man has). Arguably, even for North Korea a single minute man would be not that impressive. Unless to increase pressure a bit, to make him hurry up. Like "Kim, I told you, you've got a month left, then I cannot guarantee that we will ever meet again, like ever. Read the news later, alright? BIG NEWS today. Very big news. Alright, gotta go, Fox & Friends is on". But yeah, still feels like Iran. Maybe not even targeting Teheran - but an outpost where the leadership hangs from time to time, and then drop a B61 on them precision style, low yield-yumminess.