Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Pushback Against Tech Employees Who Do Not Want To Work With The U.S. Military

Jerry Boyles, Diginomica: US military to tech protestors – ‘We’re at war; pick a side’

The revolt by thousands of Google workers against working with the Pentagon is drawing fierce pushback from the military, rival companies like Amazon and Microsoft, and even some fellow workers.

Microsoft has been awarded a $480 million contract to supply prototypes for Halogens, its augmented reality systems, to the Army for use in training and on combat missions. It’s a win that seems likely to further inflame the passions of thousands of tech workers who have taken the position that Big Tech “should not be in the business of war.”

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WNU Editor: These tech protestors better read up on history .... and fast. The world is not .... and historically speaking never has been .... a safe place.


Roger Smith said...

The tooth fairies will protect us. Besides, the earth is flat so we will see them a long ways off.

Anonymous said...

Millenials owned.

Super soldiers to pack boxes for prime members and fight in the high desert of Afghanistan and register cereal boxes to vote also owned.

America is a land that holds everyone equal before the law also owned.

RussInSoCal said...

Google is perfectly happy to provide China with all the tools necessary to monitor and coerce Chinese citizens. Google is legally harvesting and selling every bit of data from every app and search and movement made by US citizens.

I think Google has already picked a side. And its not Western capitalist democracy.