Friday, January 11, 2019

U.S. Has Started Its Troop Withdrawal From Syria

Daily Mail: US withdrawal of troops from Syria has officially begun, military spokesman confirms but refuses to discuss timeline of exit or specific locations

* United States has begun 'the process of deliberate withdrawal from Syria'
* US military convoy drove from Rmeilan, northeastern Syria into Iraq last night
* The US has some 2,000 troops on the ground in Syria, according to reports

An American military official says the U.S.-led military coalition has begun the process of withdrawing troops from Syria.

Col. Sean Ryan, spokesman for the U.S.-coalition fighting ISIS, says the U.S. started 'the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria.'

The withdrawal began Thursday night, according to the UK-based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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WNU Editor: Is this start of a withdrawal real, or just PR? .... No, The US Military Has Not Started Pulling Troops From Syria (Task & Purpose).

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Anonymous said...

Semantic games.
Withdrawing equipment is the usual prelude to withdrawing the troops.
Withdrawing the troops while leaving the equipment behind is an excellent way to lose the equipment.

So the Task & Purpose article is correct they are being rather pedantic about it.

If ISIS now controls 1% of Syria is that too much before a pull out? Should the USA do all of Assad's dirty work before pulling out?
As I remember from Obama's days, the Syrian operation was the destruction of ISIS. That is as done as is practical given ISIS is not a nation but an ideology. Kurds are going to be fine given their outreach to Assad and the Russians. Erdogan is the one in trouble, writing checks he can't cover.

Anonymous said...

Assad now has Syria and so too Russia and Iran! Our pullout is a bid to do Putin's bidding! and so we have the following bullshit

Pompeo promises ‘Every last Iranian boot’ will be expelled from Syria
Secretary says troop pullout from Syria will go ahead, US ‘will use diplomacy’ while working with partners in anti-Iran front; Israel will have military capacity to defend itself

Anonymous said...

Got to defeat the enemy at home before you can defeat the enemy abroad.

Jane Fonda is not yet in prison nor John Kerry.