Monday, February 11, 2019

Munich Security Report 2019: Is The Global Order Falling Apart?

DW: Munich Security Report sees world as a broken puzzle

The global liberal order is fragmenting, but who can fit the pieces together again? That's the question posed by the report, released as a curtain-raiser for this week's Munich Security Conference.

The world is in crisis — and the US is only making things worse. That's the bold verdict of the Munich Security Report (MSR), released on Monday ahead of this week's Munich Security Conference, the annual gathering for leading representatives of all the major powers. US Vice President Mike Pence, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and Chancellor Angela Merkel will be among the 100 ministers from across the world expected to discuss growing global instability.

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Update: Struggle between big powers spells hostile future: report (Reuters)

WNU Editor: The report is here .... “The Great Puzzle: Who Will Pick Up the Pieces?” (Munich Security Report 2019).


Anonymous said...

Up until Obama left office there was near unanimity in the West of certain ideas suggested by the EU.

Easy immigration was good.
Generous welfare was good.
Islam is a religion of peace and good.
The EU is the single best liberal union in the world.
The USA won't complain about its trade deficits.
The USA President broadly agrees with the EU on policy and politics.
The USA keeps its NATO frustrations away from its EU relations.

Well those days died 2 years ago, so that is why the Munich people are so whiny. The lethal threats from China, Russia and their allies always remains, it is the USA saying "I disagree" to the EU's leadership that has them butt-hurt.

Michael Feldhake said...

Spot on analysis! I would say that the EU was caught in a trap because of Islam; the Religion is quite divisive even between the flock, kind of like Catholicism vs Christianity. But the EU, due to the immigration problem had to embrace them so they did not become labeled as bigots. Now, it's a real issue they can't get out of. But, its also funny a lot of southern globe states have failed, just look at South America, makes you wonder why!? Meaning failed states pushed the Islamists up into the EU.

As far a the world order; always in flux and we will get through it. Might be WWIII first, but we will get through it.

Anonymous said...

I think what's happening right in front of our eyes is bigger than we might realise now. First anon is pretty much on the money. And we see some realignment happening right in front of our eyes too...Merkel is such a Putin lover all of a sudden, I'm surprised Adam Schitt doesn't want to subpoena her instead haha that crazy eyed fool

But on realignments.. the EU had an easy Partner in the US... I'm from the EU and for years before Trump was running for office, I was already ashamed when my American friends told me how little we pay for our own defence...and how shitty our own military and investments are to keep us safe..just look at our armies. We can't even build a generation 5 plane right now. We hope to skip all the other ones and go to generation 6 in like 30 years (just when all the politicians who have masterminded this stroke of genius will be retired and can't be fired for the trillions we are standing to lose for sure - all while weakening the US, or so procclaimed's really embarrassing to be European at the moment. .sure, we still do well..but we seem to have forgotten who our friends are, who saved us from first Nazis and then also Russian aggression. ..but whatever. .small favors. ..a few thousand people who died for us. .whatever)

The media in Europe - is also very left leaning (like in the US), but ironically is open about its anti American stand (while the left in the US still pretends to be proud Americans even though a lot of them hate everything about being American..capitalism. .yuck..let's flavour it up with socialism and class rule..just look at AOC)..

Anyways most important point after all this yodelling (sorry typing on shit phone) is this:

the left leaning,constantly USA hating, media and education system in Europe - with lots of lefties teachers who didn't make it in the market place - has over the last decades slowly but steadily created this divide between Europe and the US. By far. The media and education system. And you see the same thing in the US happening. How you cannot talkfreely and express your thoughts on college campuses is beyond me. In Europe, we all know our left is directly influenced by Russia. Why don't Americans see that the same thing happens to you? They tell you straight up what their values are. All of their values are anti capitalism. Open border, mass immigration. .you already got more than 20 million illegals and the left tells you you can't even call them illegals and you humour them. Omfg you gotta fight back..don't give in to leftist doctrine or your country will be as shit as mine soon