Sunday, July 21, 2019

Protests Continue In Hong Kong

Reuters: Hong Kong on security alert as thousands march in fresh wave of protests

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Tens of thousands marched in sweltering heat in Hong Kong on Sunday as anti-government protests show no sign of let-up, with anger over an extradition bill morphing into a fresh front against what many see as an erosion of freedoms by Beijing.

Millions have rallied over the past two months in an unprecedented show of force against Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam, triggering the worst social turmoil to rock the former British colony since it returned to Chinese rule 22 years ago.

Protesters marched in temperatures of around 31 degrees Celsius (87.8°F) from Victoria Park in the bustling shopping district of Causeway Bay to Wan Chai, just one metro stop away, after police shortened the route, citing safety concerns.

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More News On The Unrest In Hong Kong

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Roger Smith said...

I would very much like to see this anti-Chinese government movement spread to any country ripped off from their government deals with "Uncle Xi" and friends.

Bob Huntley said...


Anonymous said...

Notice how Huntley does not take a stand against the Chinese government. Not one criticism

He merely type his signature '...'

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a way around the Chinese censors, so that the people of China could see how corrupt and authoritarian that their government truly is. This will be when change comes to China and when the world can live in a better harmony.

Anonymous said...

They already know.

They are survivors. Change over is risky. China might be weak for 2 decades like Russia was after 1991. The Chinese remember all the unequal treaties of the 19th century.

Also the Chinese already know the lessons that the abolitionist Boston Brahmans learned in the 1860s. You know it is wrong, but do you want to pay the price?

The Brahmins were all for the war until the butcher's bill came in. I do not know what percentage of casualties would have been acceptable to them (1%, 10%), but the casualties they paid in the Civil War was too steep for them. (And of course their descendants get shit on by people wanting reparations.)

Bob Huntley said...


I explained what the ... was about.

I left out the bit about, if the ... is viewed by Anon he/she/it should know it means, "Anon you are an idiot".

Anonymous said...

anon 1:37

Anonymous said...

"I explained what the ... was about." -asshole

You could bookmark, but that would entail a wee little bit of discipline.

Anonymous said...

anon: 4:39

Unknown said...

I never saw that comment.
Is it a Vonnegut thing?
“So It Goes”?
Speaking just for myself, I really am curious.

Speaking as a reader, that habit of yours (regardless of the reason) can be a bit inconveniencing as one clicks past a headline hoping for a ‘real.’
Half the time it’s just Fred anyway (where’s B. gone? (I know, B, you’re TCB—not AWOL.))
Not that I don’t occasionally appreciate a comment by Fred, but he’s mostly an extremely innefective gadfly, and another example of a wasted click (and wasted time and effort—plus the disappointment which can accompany it).

Just my point of view. I’m just a news junkie,
That being said, I’m curious about your reason for doing it. It’s not that big a deal.
Your other comments almost make up for it. In fact, Let’s say that they _do_ make up for it.

Can we hear the explanation again?


P.S. given the cursing below, I’d understand if you declined.

“Over and out.”

[That’s _my_ new tag line. Do you guys like it? I haven’t decided about the quotation marks.]

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I just don’t see where that gets us.

Unknown said...

Almost forgot:

Over and out.

Unknown said...

One more thing—
Thank you for this article, WNU.
I wish you ran CBS or something.
So it goes!

Over and out

Bob Huntley said...


I do bookmark but for the WNU site that sometimes has 20 or more links at a time I bookmark using my email function. The beauty is that if I want to comment on a given link later, the "post a comment" button for the WNU site is already in place.

Surely you can appreciate doing one bookmark instead of 20 especially on a day when there could be 80 to 100. Sorry if getting your mind around that is too taxing.

Bob Huntley said...


"Speaking as a reader, that habit of yours (regardless of the reason) can be a bit inconveniencing as one clicks past a headline hoping for a ‘real.’"

See the comment above to Anon.

I can understand how inconveniencing that can be. If it is a topic you are actually interested in I suggest that, like me, leave a similar annotation so that should real comments, if they occur later, are advised to you thus avoiding having to set endless numbers of bookmarks and followups later for perhaps nothing. You do have to tell the system to do that of course. Sometimes, that is rarely, the comments are quite good and may inspire you to post more often.

Of course once you do, post more often that is, you will, have to run the gauntlet of insulting and inane commentary. If you are frustrated by what I do, believe me what emanates from some as discussion will eventually drive you from this site.

Anonymous said...

I find that the Bob huntley comments are helpful, thoughtful, articulate, and bracing

Anonymous said...

"I find that the Bob huntley comments are helpful, thoughtful, articulate, and bracing"

That comment looks like Bob just up-voted himself lol!

Anonymous said...

Make a folder. Bookmark each article you may want to comment on. Delete them after the thread goes stale.

Or continue to clutter up the threads with the ellipsis.

Anonymous said...

"CBS Goes Dark for 6.5 Million Customers as Contract Talks with AT&T Stall"

AT&T knows how many eyeballs each cable channel brings.

CBS wants more revenue than their channel brings traffic.

Lazy asses. They should work for the BBC in Britain, where it is mandated that you pay for drivel.

Anonymous said...

"Update: Obama Deep State Spy Stephan Halper Was Paid Over $1.05 Million — His Work Spying on Trump Officials Went Well Into 2017"

This is where you FUCKING tax money goes.

Anonymous said...

3.5 years of spying and investigation and nothing.

"The informant, Stefan Halper, was paid a total of $411,575 in 2016 and 2017 for work with the US government that included spying on the Trump campaign."

Unknown said...

Thanks, I think it’s less annoying now after the explanation. Not sure, but I think so.

I don’t post very much because I don’t have much to say that others can’t. I’d just be making jokes anyway.

Some guy thinks your comments are bracing.
I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s funny how with the most frequent commenters, it gets old.
We already pretty much know what they’re going to say: some kind of verbal ‘Spy vs. Spy,’ if you know that comic from Mad Magazine.

Not to you specifically Bob, but these next couple weeks are gonna seem like a long time without our normal amount off WNU. Right in the middle of war news season, too.
(Don’t they have mosquitos in Russia?)
I guess it’s supposed to build character.
Let’s get through this.

Thanks for the explanation again Bob.

Over and out

Anonymous said...

"'I'm just honestly waiting for a racial slur to come out': Outspoken soccer star Megan Rapinoe calls Trump's racist 'go back' tweets 'disgusting' and says 'that's not who we want to be as a country'"

- Deluded Megan Rapinoe

"President Trump Awards International Religious Freedom Award to Muslim Imam"


Anonymous said...


Gee Thank you Obama.

We could have peace, but you crapped on us.

Yeah Baby, America is diverse now. We have ISIS Snipers.

Thanx Obama!

Gloria Scott said...

i dont think, this is good for people.

Porn Sex & Anel Sex Collection

Anonymous said...

Some of her former students and neighbors were among the perpetrators.

Liberals in league with Muslims celebrate

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

instead of implying this and that, provide proof, evidence, indictment by legal authorities...merely making a statement without proof/evidence is worthless and merely gossip and silly (ie stupid) accusations

Anonymous said...

"We knew our Muslim neighbours all our lives. Yes, we knew the Diab family were quite radical, but we thought they would never betray us. We ate with them. We are one people. A few of the Diab family had left months ago and we guessed they were with the Nusra. But their wives and children were still here. We looked after them. Then, two days before the Nusra attacked, the families suddenly left the town. We didn’t know why. And then our neighbours led our enemies in among us…. Some of the Muslims who lived with us are good people but I will never trust 90 per cent of them again."

Anonymous said...

Advice said
Philoctes said

Liberal-Islam Axis of Evil is real

Linda Sarsour marches with good liberals and she is a vile anti-Semite. Al the good little Eichmann's on the Left are good with it, which tells a discerning person everything they need to know.

Anonymous said...

"In 2017, Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov, who had immigrated from Uzbekistan on a diversity visa in 2010, killed eight and injured eleven when he drove his truck down a bike path in Lower Manhattan."

"In 2002, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an Egyptian immigrant who maintained residency in United States through his wife's diversity visa, killed two people and injured four others at Los Angeles International Airport."

"Brooklyn ‘ISIS sniper’ came to US from Kazakhstan through diversity lottery: official"

"Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (DEMOCRAT-TX) introduced the Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2009 (H.R. 264) on January 7, 2009. The bill would have doubled the number of diversity visas available to 110,000 yearly. "

We have been ... how would a liberal say it? We have been culturally enriched by these diversity lottery winners.

The 2 dead people at LAX are enriching the soil. "See" says the liberal "Diversity works and the bonus is the 2 dead people are not spewing dangerous CO2!"

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Seek Help NOW!

Ozimandias said...

Racism, Inc.: How Donald Trump profits from xenophobia
-- New Data Show Costly Trump Tax Cut Achieved Little
-- Florida senator won’t call president’s “go back” tweets racist
--‘Donald Trump Wants To Start A Race War,’ Says His Former Adviser
-- 'It's a political civil war': Trump's racist tirades set tone for 2020

Anonymous said...

The Banality of Lindsey Graham
-- Donald Trump's war on science hurts Americans. Congress must stop him.
-- Two Unofficial US Operatives Reporting To Trump’s Lawyer Privately Lobbied A Foreign Government In A Bid To Help The President Win In 2020
--- Trump claims he didn't have 'talking points' to degrade Rep. Ilhan Omar. Here's a picture of him holding them.
-- Trump says Mueller should not be allowed to tell congress about his obstruction: 'It will be bad for him'
--- Federal Officials Are Illegally Campaigning for Trump at Work

Anonymous said...

The Immigration Act of 1990 was passed with bipartisan support and signed by President George H. W. Bush.[10] The legislation established the current and permanent Diversity Visa (DV) program, where 55,000 immigrant visas (later reduced to 50,000) are available in an annual lottery. The lottery aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low numbers of immigrants to the United States in the previous five years.[9] Starting in fiscal year 1999, 5,000 of the visas from the DV program are reserved for use by the NACARA program, so the number of immigrant visas available in the lottery was reduced to 50,000.[11]

Anonymous said...

The Immigration Act of 1990 was passed with bipartisan support and signed by President George H. W. Bush."

Liberal President George H. W. Bush of the country club wing (Democrat lite) of the Republican Party.

Lets get real. Diversity based on skin color or ethnicity is superficial and is bullshit.

With 100,000 interracial marriage a year in the US, no action by the clerisy is needed to make America good.

When students, business people, vacationers, or military members go abroad a significant percentage will marry foreigners. No deus ex machina is required by politicians. What those greasy motherfuckers ought to be doing is putting their green eye shades on and balancing the budget or learning about technical issues so that they don't legislate by pulling stuff out their ass. They do not need to be tinkering that which takes care of itself.

I’m a Foreign Military Spouse

so 63,000 current U.S. military are married to immigrants

My take is that someone like Philoctetes is the modern day 'Non' version of 'Church Lady'.
A real humdinger of a waste of gray matter.

Anonymous said...

why do you suggest that one form of so-called diversity, ie white women in nations marrying American military, or non-white whomen marrying American military, is the same thing or fills a quota for a separate piece of legislation that deals specifically with a program?
as for what you say about Bush: Trumpians now say that about any and all GOP folks who do not kiss Orange Baboon's flabby ass

Anonymous said...

"fills a quota for a separate piece of legislation that deals specifically with a program"

1st why are we filling quotas?

When GIs are stationed in Europe they marry Europeans.
When GIs are stationed in Asia they marry Asians.
When GIs are stationed in Africa they marry Africans.

One reason racist & white guilt politicians want the diversity visas is they think it will cure racism. Their very act will retard any betterment in what they profess to want to fix. To a large extent racism will solve itself. Intermarriage happens naturally.

Intermarriage has been retarded due to racist, retarded Democrats. Think Democrats still are not racist? Well what happened with the Jesse Jackson's family? Any mixing going on there? Hell No! Democrats are racist.

Quotas won't make us freer, smarter or safer. It will make libtards feel superior based on no good accomplishments.

"who do not kiss Orange Baboon's flabby ass"

I mostly don't comment on the looks of people, who are 65+ or 67+. 'What is the point? That they did not hold back entropy to your satisfaction? Entropy always wins.

B.Poster said...


Thanks for the clarification on "...", however, very respectfully I find your explanation to be incomplete. I understand and emphasize with the frustration of having to explain things repeatedly and to having to deal with baseless insults. God knows I have dealt with this repeatedly here.

I don't post much of late because I am very busy and when I post I wish to be able to add value to the discussion. To do so requires sufficient time to become well versed in the topic at hand. Also, there isn't time to fully read all the comments in detail and frankly they tend to diverge from the topic of the initial post by the editor as is the case with this thread. As such, I probably missed your detailed explanatiin of "...".

My initial thought was it was meant as a symbol for disagreement with American policies but this would not seem to be the case as the symbol appears to show up in the comment sections of posts whose topics are completely unrelated. For example, the topic of the editor post here has to do with protests over 1.) an extradition law that allows people from Hong Kong to be extradited to China for trial, 2.) an independent investigation into police brutality, 3.) a wish to have charges against protestors being dropped, and 4.) universal suffrage. The extradition issue apoears to be how it started.

The Americans aren't involved in this in any significant way. The only inference to America is in the following quote from the article. "The turmoil comes at a delicate time for Beijing, which is grappling with a trade dispute with the United States, a faltering economy, and tensions in the South China Sea." I suppose it is possible that elements in Hong Kong might try and capitalize on events elsewhere while the Chinese leadership is distracted. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time someone has done this and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be the last time either!!

So it seems to me that "..." is not meant as an opposition to any American policy in this case and very respectfully I'm trying to determine how "..." adds to the discussion. If you would be so patient as to provide a detailed explanation of what this means or if you could direct me to where you do explain the meaning this would be greatly appreciated.

The article the editor refers to is interesting. The concept of "one nation, two systems" is absurd on its face IMHO. It's bit like saying "one organization, two polar opposites value systems." Such an organization won't last long. One "system" will supplant the other. The protestor who explains that storming the building would be the end of Hong Kong is IMHO essentially spot on. As to what they are trying to achieve and how best to go about it, would require a more thorough understanding of Hong Kong than I currently possess. With that said I do not envy the position Ms. Lam is in!!

Anonymous said...

President Trump on Monday sided with the dictatorship. Asked to react to Sunday’s events, the president explicitly endorsed the Xi regime’s behavior. “I think President Xi has reacted very responsibly,” he told reporters. “He’s allowed [the protests] to go on for a long time.”

In essence, Mr. Trump all but offered Mr. Xi an invitation to crack down on a movement that is fighting for liberal values such as free speech and the rule of law.

Bob Huntley said...


In the normal course I tune into WNU to browse the articles and in some cases the comments. Sometimes the editor provides lots of links under a given topic, some of which are not related to the main article and can cover several issues and countries. I don't have time to look at the links on my first visit so I post ... and indicate to send me comments. That way I can tune in later specifically on the comments but also on the links when I have more time. In doing so I have bookmarked the links in my email file, in bulk. I read them, or at least most of them over a few days.

This also enables me to be notified when there is a post so I read the comments and provide my thoughts if any. In actuality most of the links do not get comments although the articles are quite interesting to read.

This site is rather unique in that regard but it could be improved on. For example an option to agree or disagree with an up, or, down click as well as an option to ignore a given poster so that poster's comments do not show up would be great.

Bob Huntley said...


On the US/China trade war, I believe Trump and Xi came to an agreement during the last meeting but from a face saving perspective there was not, nor will there be an announcement. The threat to deny Rare Earth Elements to the US is actually very real and if executed would have serious impact on the US in particular its military.

What Trump has been doing is unravelling a very carefully woven process of business throughout the world, particularly where China is concerned. He is not in any way seriously concerned about trade deficits, only about his need to come up with some showing of success in the face of the upcoming election. Ultimately, he will claim victory and success in everything he touts on about regardless of the actual results. That is his style and those who subscribe to his product go nuts over the lies.

He has backed himself into a corner, you can see him trying to reverse, on racism but he knows his followers want it badly.

The nominated Democratic candidate would do well to put out the call

"If Trump is re-elected in 2020 the world will know that America is a racist country. If you are not a racist and you don't vote, you will help Trump get that message out."

B.Poster said...


Thank you for the clarification on"...". This is essentially a way for you to flag the post to look at the links as time permits and to send you comments. Essentially "..." is not a comment at all per say on the post but is a way for you to keep track of the post and the links for further analysis as time permits or for commenting as desired.

Now that I understand what this means and why you are doing it this is less annoying. Actually it seems quite clever!! Essentially "..." isn't a comment on the post but is a way for you to mark the post.

B.Poster said...


You may be right about an agreement already being reached on the trade agreement during the last meeting. Essentially my "take" is that Xi has lost, is losing badly, and has already determined he is going to lose and is looking to save face. Essentially very respectfully to the anonymous post at 7:35AM he/she has no idea of what the bigger issues in this are.

While the threat to deny rare earth elements is not to necessarily to be taken lightly, there are other options for this otherwise China likely would have already taken such action. Essentially my "take" on this the Chinese are losing, losing badly, and looking for some type of way out hoping that Trump will lose in 2020 or otherwise be removed.

Essentially race relations in the US are a separate issue than the Hong Kong protest issue that is the main thrust of this post by the editor. Very respectfully I don't think this is an issue that a Canadian without direct experience in America can understand. With that said there is nothing really for Trump to backtrack on as he is not racist nor are his followers. As for the opposition, who plays the "race card" perhaps they are or they may just be "baiting" for political purposes and very respectfully should the Democrats "put out the call" as you suggest I think Trump hopes they do as this such a call would all but guarantee his reelection.

Bob Huntley said...


The Rare Earth Element issue relative the China/America is not a new one but has been on going for over a decade with the US appealing to whatever association or agreement it is for resolution when it occurs. This time however, Trump has really upset the apple cart with the tariffs and I expect the large corporations will step, if they haven't already.

REE is not actually rare, it is everywhere. It is the concentration that is the key, and the processing of course.

There was a news article recently concerning REE that suggested the US government was pushing to have the ability to process the ore done at home. Does anyone actually believe that is was a new initiative or even a serious move.

In the past 50 years the US has shipped their ore to China for processing. The latest news on that reported something in the range of 60+ million tons of the ore per year. The reason, they can't process it, or at least not as effectively as the Chinese can and therefore miss out on some of the elements necessary for among other things military usage. Think lasers for instance.

Some companies are leaving China but there are bottom line consequences especially to very large corporations and they know that it is just a matter of time before it hits their fan, something they can impact upon. They stand to lose their initial investment and later to pay that investment again to re-establish their presence.
Besides where are they going to go? Any country welcoming that newfound industrial revolution also knows that in time they with the target of some American President because there will be trade imbalance and a need for that yahoo to look good for his voters.

On racism.

"Very respectfully I don't think this is an issue that a Canadian without direct experience in America can understand."

How that comment relates to my suggestion regarding the next American election eludes me.

B.Poster said...


Actually processing the REE at home in the US is a serious proposal at least I think so. With the regulatory reforms implemented by Trump that should streamline much of the processes involved with getting this done I would expect this could get done very quickly and at a higher quality than the Chinese can produce. While the proposal likely isn't new, given the prior regulatory environment such a proposal likely would not have been seriously considered. As such, as to where are they going to go? They will come to the US for processing. America is on the verge of becoming the most powerful and influential country in the world and the policies of this "yahoo" have much to do with it. If China and their supporters truly think REE is going to somehow be their savior and allow them to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, they are truly more desperate than I thought. Based upon how the stock markets in the US and China are doing, China being unable to mask its economic weaknesses even with the ability to inflate its numbers, and the fact that America's economy is booming (at least the sectors that actually add value)suggests that those who are on the front lines and in a position to know the true situation understand this. Essentially IMHO to suggest that REE is going to save China from its fate that it brought upon itself is grasping at straws.

Do the Chinese leaders truly believe this? I think not. As has been pointed out, I think an agreement has been reached. America wins and China is allowed some face saving measures. President Trump deserves much of the credit for this if it comes out as I think it is going to.

As for the "apple cart," it needed to be upset. China could have easily solved this issue. Pre-Trump they were well positioned to be the dominant power of the 21st century. All they needed to do was negotiate in good faith, allow America something of value, and lock in their gains. They couldn't or wouldn't do this. Now they are on the cusp of losing it all. Pride or shall we say an opinion of one's self that doesn't fit with reality comes before a fall!!

As for my quote regarding racism, it had to do with your quote of "If Trump is reelected in 2020..." If you truly think this is an approach that is going to work to defeat Trump, then I must say you don't understand race relations in America. As a Canadian who subscribes to the most jaundiced and distorted views of America and accepts them unquestionably, I would not expect you to. While the Democrats may defeat Trump in 2020 and they may well even impeach, this approach you suggest would undermine their chances.