Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Oil Tanker Carrying Iranian Crude Is Still In The Mediterannean Ocean

CBC: 'They are going to deliver this oil to Syria': How an Iranian supertanker is flouting Trump's sanctions

Since leaving Iran with 2.1 million barrels, rogue tanker has changed its name, route in bid to evade scrutiny

Last spring, the Grace I left a filling station in the middle of the Persian Gulf loaded down with 2.1 million barrels of Iranian crude. Too large for the Suez Canal, the oil tanker made the long journey around the coast of Africa before showing up at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea last month.

British authorities in Gibraltar impounded the ship and its cargo on suspicion it planned to deliver the oil it was carrying to Syria, which would violate EU sanctions against the country. Iran quickly retaliated and seized a British tanker in the Persian Gulf on a trumped-up charge.

After six weeks in maritime purgatory, the Grace was eventually allowed to depart, on the assurance that it was not headed for Syria. But some experts are convinced that's not true.

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WNU Editor: I still believe it is going to Syria.


Bob Huntley said...


Ex = a has been

spurt = a drip under pressure

fazman said...

Board it already

B.Poster said...

"Board it already." Are you going to send Aussies to do this? Remember, as I have patiently explained to you elsewhere, get this wrong and, as an American, the heads of my loved ones are on the chopping block. As an Aussie, your loved ones are in no danger.

I actually appreciate your cheerleading but this is NOT a game!! If the decision is ultimately made to board the ship, this will be the judgment of the leadership who has access to information I don't have. If that decision is made, I would expect massive casualties. I am sure that tanker is well defended right now.