Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 10, 2019

Britain's new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is due to be deployed to the South China Sea in 2021

SKY News: China threatens military response if UK warships go near disputed islands

Naval chiefs say they have a right to sail to the area as Beijing tells the UK not to do a "dirty job for somebody else".

China has warned Britain against sailing ships through disputed waters in the South China Sea, saying that such a move would be "hostile" and hinting that Beijing would be forced to responded militarily.

Reacting to a suggestion that the UK might send its aircraft carrier close to the contested Spratly Islands, with US jets onboard, China's Ambassador to the UK said Britain "should not do this dirty job for somebody else".

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 10, 2019

China warns Britain against planned HMS Queen Elizabeth deployment -- UPI

China threatens Britain with military response if ‘hostile’ Royal Navy ship carrying US fighter jets sails near disputed South China Sea islands -- SUN

U.S. military likely to ramp up operations against Taliban: U.S. general -- Reuters

Navy Claims a Strong Technical Foundation Ahead of Testing New Classes of Unmanned Ships -- USNI News

Are aircraft carriers obsolete? The Pentagon R&D chief takes on the topic -- Defense News

B-2 stealth bombers just flew their first Arctic missions, and it's an unmistakable message to Russia -- Business Insider

US Air Force Debuts B-1B Bomber’s Hypersonic Capabilities -- Sputnik

Lockheed, Raytheon launch Javelin missiles from unmanned vehicle -- UPI

The Pentagon Is Giving Up on Particle Beam Weapons -- Popular Mechanics

Dunford: US faces ‘Sputnik moment’ in space race competition -- Military Times/AP

Senate panel advances $695B defense spending bill -- The Hill

Thanks to border wall, ’all-out brawl’ looms over Pentagon spending bill -- Defense News

GOP senators say Trump deserves compatible national security adviser after Bolton firing -- The Hill

Judge sentences 3 Blackwater guards to prison for 2007 Iraqi attack -- UPI

McCarthy defends military personnel staying at Trump resort -- The Hill

Lawmakers threaten to subpoena Pentagon over Trump's Scottish resort records -- Politico

A Blood Test Might One Day Mass-Screen Military Personnel for PTSD -- Scientific American

US military delegation visits Turkish General Staff -- TRT World

Europe Increasingly Relies on Chinese Drones Despite US Security Concerns – Reports -- Sputnik

German military investigates elite unit over far-right ties -- DW

Lavrov says he never met with alleged CIA spy Smolenkov -- TASS

Russian Navy to get four nuclear subs next year — shipyard -- TASS

First Russian sub to carry Poseidon underwater nuke drone to begin sea trials in 2020 -- TASS

China to boost Serb military with drones, other equipment -- ABC News/AP

Beijing deploys drones for South China Sea surveillance -- SCMP

Seoul: North Korea short-range missiles flew 200 miles inland -- UPI

India firms up $130 billion plan to enhance military capability -- The Hindu

Indian Government plans to spend $130 billion for military modernisation in next 5-7 years -- India Today


fred said...

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Anonymous said...

Fred, you said trump will be impeached 2 years ago! Your word is about as good as what you claim trumps to be....all you do on here is spew garbage links. Makes me want trump to win 2020 even more. When he does, please post a link of your real time reaction. I would pay a lot of money to see that👍