Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Turkey Has Started Attacking Kurdish Militia Positions In Northeast Syria

Reuters: Civilians flee Syrian border towns as Turkish warplanes, artillery kick off offensive

AKCAKALE, Turkey (Reuters) - Turkey attacked Kurdish militia positions in northeast Syria on Wednesday, pounding them with air strikes and artillery barrages in a cross-border military operation just days after U.S. troops pulled back from the area.

Thousands of people fled the Syrian town of Ras al Ain toward Hasaka province, held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. The Turkish air strikes had killed two civilians and wounded two others, the SDF said.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, announcing the start of the action, said the aim was to eliminate what he called a “terror corridor” on Turkey’s southern border.

But U.S. President Donald Trump, who ordered the U.S. pullout last week in an abrupt policy shift, said the offensive was “a bad idea” and he did not endorse it. He expected Turkey to protect civilians and religious minorities and to prevent a humanitarian crisis, he said.

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Anonymous said...

The law is whatever people want it to be. The law is not based on Boolean logic to any extent at all it seems. Certain wretches find penumbras and emanations whenever the fuck they want. They could not program an AI with Boolean logic and a set of assumption (givens) and get the results that they claim.

The Wilsonian principles to draw border in Central and Easter Europe were not used to draw borders in the Middle East. Do the principles have an expiration date? If they do, then they are not principles or we lack honesty or will.

When Does the Legal Basis for U.S. Forces in Syria Expire?

A Return to American Restraint Begins in Syria

"U.S. troops remain in Syria—with diminishing strategic returns and obsolete legal justification—long after fulfilling their original mandate to destroy the territorial caliphate of the Islamic State."

I believe we have a right and a moral obligation to be in Syria to help the Kurds, if nothing else. Where is Samantha Power now? She espoused R2P based on what happened to Rwanda and the Balkans. Obama attacked Libya based on her R2P argument. Either that or poll numbers and Obama being badgered by the Italian and French PM's were the cause.

Where was Samantha Power when ISIS was overrunning Kobane? ISIS took over 50% before Mr. Flexible tasked 2% of the air force to help out.

Foreign affairs is a bit like grading math. If given a problem, you must show how you got the correct answer to get credit. Otherwise, you get zero points.

Foreign Affairs is like a debate team face off. You can back the right principles, but unless you debate well enough, you lose the contest.

More than a few leftists backing Democrat pols have been on high school or college debate teams. They love tearing it up. It does not help people like the Kurds, soldiers, or taxpayers. But these debaters can pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves on how brilliant and connected they are.

If you sample comment threads they are full of trolls and liberals smug about the US having no business in Syria. Now, most of them will be smug about being for staying in Syria.

The Left has built no case for staying in Syria. They have built the opposite case. They have made life intolerable. And one day they shall pay. It might be as simple as a cold shoulder, no helping change a tire, not calling 911 if you see something, no charity or something else. But those little fuckers will pay.

I think Trump is making a mistake, but I look forward to voting for him in 2020. Trump could not win politically in Syria, The Left has him coming and they have him going. Whatever the opponents of the Left are doing is wrong in the Left's eyes.

Trump is building the Wall and Trump is taking on the Chinese while the NBA and other are looking for their kneepads and lube.