Wednesday, October 9, 2019

‘What the hell is that?’: US Navy Pilot Describes How A ‘Dark Mass’ Came From The Ocean Depth To Make A Torpedo Disappear

A number of UFOs have been spotted underwater. Picture: iStockSource:istock ‘What the hell is that?’: Navy pilot reveals creepy incident of ‘dark mass’ coming up from the depths

A former high-ranking US Navy fighter pilot has shared a hair-raising story of an encounter with an enormous underwater object.

A former high-ranking fighter pilot who chased a “Tic Tac”-shaped UFO off the coast of San Diego in 2004 has shared a chilling story of another pilot’s encounter with an enormous underwater object a decade earlier.

Retired US Navy pilot commander David Fravor first came forward in a bombshell New York Times article in December 2017, describing how his squadron witnessed a 737-sized object just under the surface of the water during training exercises in the Pacific Ocean, 160km off the coast of San Diego.

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Update: Navy Pilot Says ‘Dark Mass’ Made Torpedo Disappear (Popular Mechanics)

WNU Editor: A friend of mine who enjoys sailing told me he saw a submarine pass underneath his sailboat off the coast of Florida in the late 1980s. It is something that he has told me more than once that he will never forget. But in this story this Navy pilot had experienced a sub passing underneath, so he would know what it looks like. But this sighting is different, and it has clearly spooked him.


Anonymous said...

Didn't someone have a cellphone?

Anonymous said...

This barely makes news, especially war news. This story is more worthy of Coast to Coast AM than WNU.

Anonymous said...

Funny how in today's time - when online followers and views directly translates to money - people believe those ufo reports and the guys making millions if it. A pilot has an average IQ of like 105. That's not a genius. Their physical qualities - like being able to sustain G forces - and memory/navigation and operational skills are why they do these jobs.
And, have you ever considered what a) continuous G force does on the brain? These pilots have to literally breath differently to pump more blood in their brain to stay awake/conscious several times during their flight. On top they area surrounded by clouds often times and we all know how easy it is to see things without even any additional weather phenomena. Further most pilots - especially during long missions - are on approved amphetamines. Finally they all need to make money when they leave service. Come on.
Not saying aliens don't exist. I believe in aliens. But. ..All of these guys make money of it. Not one says "this is so important to humanity let's not be doubted by making money"..all have some deals going-all.

Unknown said...

I think stories of unusual aircraft & submersibles, which are backed by evidence, should be on all news channels, papers etc. Very interesting indeed. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Navy records the first known sighting in the wild of the Democratic party's election strategy.

Hans Persson said...

Hes whole story is on Joe Rogan's podcast.

A little bit shocked that no one here has mentioned this..