Saturday, December 14, 2019

Expect Tensions Between The U.S. And North Korea To Intensify In The Coming Weeks

CBS: Trump administration's shadow war with North Korea likely to intensify in coming weeks

The Trump administration's shadow war with North Korea is set to intensify in the next three weeks, as Pyongyang appears to be preparing an end to its more than 18-month moratorium on testing of its nuclear program, and as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's self-imposed year-end deadline for diplomacy draws near. A trio of events looms at the year's end, including North Korea's plenum — a rare gathering of senior leaders in Kim's ruling Worker's Party — an ominously promised "Christmas gift" that is presumed to be a weapons test, and Kim's planned New Year's speech.

The debate among national security analysts is largely not whether Kim Jong Un will test, but rather, which technology he will display. Those details will influence the magnitude of the U.S. response, but it is still unclear how President Trump will react. The consensus among most national security analysts is that a test would demand a strong response, but that President Trump would be unlikely to imperil the prospects for diplomacy with North Korea, which has been the centerpiece of his foreign policy.

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WNU Editor: I would not use the phrase "shadow war", but besides that the above is a fair assessment on what is happening with North Korea.


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Our highly qualified president, who possesses a sound mind and body, called for Seoul to be evacuated back in 2017.

CHUDS, this was done after he flushed the toilet 14 times to clear it.

CHUDS. I'm selling my skidoo dealership.

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Careful, you might stumble into some originality. Hahaha