Sunday, March 29, 2020

The U.K. Believes The Number Of Cases Of The Covid-19 Coronavirus In China Has Been 'Downplayed By A Factor Of 15 To 40 Times'

Ministers and senior Downing Street officials said the Communist state now faces a ‘reckoning’ over its handling of the outbreak and risks becoming a ‘pariah state’. People are pictured in the city of Wuhan after lockdown restrictions were relaxed

Daily Mail: China's efforts to blame coronavirus on a US army delegation to Wuhan infuriate No. 10 as Boris Johnson's advisers say Beijing's statistics on its cases could be downplayed by a factor of 40

* Ministers demand review of Britain's relationship with Communist super-state
* It comes amid fury over China's misinformation blitz around Covid-19 outbreak
* PM urged to block deal with technology giant Huawei to build UK's 5G network

China's behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic will eventually result in a 'reckoning' in relations with Beijing, close allies of Boris Johnson have warned.

Senior Ministers think China risks becoming a pariah state unless there are sweeping reforms when the crisis abates, and they are demanding an urgent review of Britain's relationship with the Communist super-state.

It comes as the Prime Minister faces renewed Cabinet pressure to block the deal with the Chinese technology giant Huawei to build vast swathes of Britain's 5G network.

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Update: Downing Street says China faces a 'reckoning' over their handling of coronavirus and risks becoming a 'pariah state' as Boris Johnson faces pressure to scrap the Huawei deal (Daily Mail).

WNU Editor: People I trust believe China underestimated their number of cases by a factor of 5 or 10. I give it a couple years before Beijing tells us the real number of cases and deaths in their country.

Update #2: Locals in Wuhan believe 42,000 people may have died in the coronavirus outbreak there not the 3,200 claimed by Chinese authorities (Daily Mail).