Friday, July 31, 2020

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says Charity That Paid His Family Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Received No Preferential Treatment

Daily Mail: Trudeau says he didn't offer WE Charity preferential treatment in winning government contract for pandemic relief for students, even though the organization has paid $300K to his family to speak at events

* Trudeau said he should have recused himself from the decision made by the Cabinet to award the contract
* WE Charity was chosen to administer the program - aimed at helping students struggling during the pandemic
* It was brought under scrutiny when it was revealed that Trudeau's family had been paid $300K to speak at WE events
* 'We Charity received no preferential treatment, not from me, not from anyone else,' said Trudeau
* Testimony by a Canadian prime minister before a parliamentary committee last happened in 2006

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday he did not intervene to make sure a charity his family did paid work for would win a government contract.

Trudeau has apologized and said again that he should have recused himself from a Cabinet decision to award a contract to administer money to students having trouble finding work due to the pandemic.

The prime minister made a rare parliamentary committee appearance to make his statement.

The almost billion-dollar program came under scrutiny after it was revealed that WE Charity, an organization Trudeau's family has worked for, was chosen to administer it.

Trudeau's wife, brother and mother have been paid a combined $300,000 Canadian (US$221,000) for speaking at a number of WE events.

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WNU Editor: My 94 year old mom summed it up perfectly when she saw him on the news at supper time this evening. Her remark was .... "He looks terrible". She is right. He should not have testified. This is Prime Minister Trudeau's third ethics investigation in five years, and he was not impressive in answering some key questions today. He basically blamed others for this mess, while trying to position himself as the one who raised questions and doubts on the awarding of this massive government contract to a firm that has helped his family.

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You did it wrong, Justin. You should have started a "Foundation."

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He is corrupt, like all so-called"Progressives"

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What a scumbag