Saturday, October 17, 2020

New Zealanders Go To The Polls As Prime Minister Ardern Seeks A 2nd Term (Update: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Re-Elected)

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (L) and National leader Judith Collins participate in a televised debate at TVNZ in Auckland, New Zealand, September 22, 2020. Fiona Goodall/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo 

New Zealanders are voting today in a general election to determine if Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will strengthen her left-of-centre hold on government, or succumb to a challenge from conservatives led by Judith Collins. 

Labour Party leader Ms Ardern, 40, and National Party leader Ms Collins, 61, are the faces of the election to form the country's 53rd Parliament, a pandemic-focused referendum on Ms Ardern's initial three-year term. 

Doors to the polling booths opened at 9am today, though a record number of voters had already cast their ballots in advance. 

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Crusader said...

As a Kiwi living not many streets away from where Jacinda lives I’ll give you my (sort of) on the spot report.
She’ll cruise into victory with a very small margin.
The Greens, whom are crazy, have an opportunity to be Queenmakers to secure a majority.
But, as I write this, I am at an Election party ina well to do suburb call Epsom. Many have voted for Jacinda, which is remarkable because they usually vote for the National Party (think Tory).
Therefore, my call is a very slight Labour victory.
It’s a nice evening in Auckland tonight, beer is flowing, BBQ blazing, but the final electoral result is a conclusion.

Crusader said...

*already determined conclusion*
Too many utterly over hopped craft beers.

Andrew Jackson said...

Kill all Feminist scum!

RussInSoCal said...

Hopefully the NZr's will boot their socialist bird.

Anonymous said...

I came here knowing Crusader would be here. I thought there would be lots of intelligent conversation. AJ is more coherent than "G", which isn't saying much.

So expected 4 comments and got two. Three if you count the correction.

First impression, is that Crusader is probably spot on and perhaps we should pay him.

Second impression is that Jacinda is reelected, because she imposed a lockdown on an island?

Seems like a Shetlands Island measles outbreak replay to me. It is the easiest, gutless and profitable choice Jacinda could make. Profitable for her. She gets re-elected. Are the Kiwis mudskippers now? You can no more live outside the viriome than fish can live outside the ocean.

The virus has large reservoirs, It will come back around. Will Jacinda shut down New Zealand each and every tine for 3 months at a time.

But in the meantime she will claim that she saved New Zealanders and cruise to victory.

Anonymous said...

andy unable to de3al with real women...poor babe
she won in huge majority. wiped out the opposition

Anonymous said...

I, too, am scared of women.

Anonymous said...

She won in landslide. NZ operating full blast. Yes and island but compare to, say, Japan, Hawaii et al and yes, they got the thing under control

Anonymous said...

Several world leaders have been praised for their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic: Germany's Angela Merkel, Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen and South Korea's Moon Jae-in, for example. But none has been as lavishly lauded as New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern. Her government quickly imposed a severe lockdown after case numbers started rising. Combined with excellent communication from officials and Ardern herself, this produced a rapid fall in the infection rate in New Zealand and has kept it low since, notwithstanding a small resurgence in Auckland recently. The country has suffered just 25 deaths from the pandemic.

A 40-year-old social democrat whose former jobs included working in a fish-and-chip shop and in the UK Cabinet Office during Tony Blair's premiership, Ardern has been described as the "anti-Trump" and a "global progressive icon". She has featured on the covers of British Vogue and Time. Next Tuesday (20 October) sees the publication of a new book by the New Zealand writer Madeleine Chapman: The Most Powerful Woman in the World: How Jacinda Ardern Exemplifies Progressive Leadership.

Anonymous said...

she did not have this to contend with

Anonymous said...

tiny url at 6:40 PM.

Possible Parrot crapping run.

Anonymous said...

Parrot crapped at 6:32.

If a flu strain lasts for about 18 months. Jacinda is not out of the woods yet. We have seen this in Europe where the daily infection rate is above the US's and we were told they did thing right.

But yeah ... Parrot and logic are like oil and water. The two shall never mix.

If Europe did things right, then why is Europe's 2nd eave worse than the US's?

Maybe South Korea's and Taiwan's response looks good because they already had COVID 19 before they knew it and started counting. They have near herd immunity before they started measuring. Taiwan has extensive business ties and travel with China So they were infection November at the latest

COVID 19 escaped from the Wuhan BSL 4 lab on OCT 11, 2019.

Remember Parrot only craps or regurgitates what he sees from the MSM. He doesn't think for himself.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not that Jacinda is female.

The problem is threefold. She is a prog. She has not worked. She has been a politician since she graduated high school thanks to her aunt.

fred said...

Parrot here: what stupid morons you are! She was this or that before got into office. Right. And Trump was??? She knew how to handle the gvidrus and she did it and the nation outstanding in virus issue. And the nation gave her a huge victory. They love her. But that is not good enough for you, who do not even live or vote there. What fucking drooling asses. Always badmouthing, sniping, sneering...well small wonder that Trump is your god. Stay with him. Kiss his ass. tired of winning?

Andrew Jackson said...

Kill all feminist filth!!!

Anonymous said...


You strike me as the type of person who knows less than '500 characters'. Very sad.

Adern was introduced into politics by her aunt at 17. She went to college and was given Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS) in politics and public relations. That leaves me cold. Afterwards she decamped to the US to be a researcher at a law firm. Following that she was a senior policy advisor to Tony Blair

It is unclear how much time she spent at either 'job' or what she learned. It might be sketchy because Wiki is or her job experience just might be sketchy period. I wonder if she stayed long enough at either job to know where the bathroom was or what value she added.

I do not think her education or professional experience is well rounded or well grounded. Hers is typical for a modern day cursus honorum, but a poor one in my view.

She handled the virus you say? You missed the part where the virus stays around for over a year. It has not been a year yet and you are already rolling the credits. It is expected of you, since you are not known by anyone here to be very bright.

I just have a hard time with Jacinda being a senior policy advisor 3 or 4 years out of college. I don't see it in terms of the rule of thumb 4 year rule or any other way.

All I see is someone 'college educated', who grew up, polticked, and ruled in a permissive environment. Things are coasting and she thinks she is all that. When it is time for popcorn everyone one will be to busy to enjoy the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

This weird virtue signaling by Fred...
I've met a guy once who was virtue signaling like that.. it's always what you think it is. Fred.. just stop. We know why you do it. Two wrongs don't make it right

Anonymous said...

Jacinda Adern know how to handle a gvidrus.

I bet she does!