Saturday, November 21, 2020

Joe Biden Loses His Cool When A CBS Reporter Asks Him A Simple Question


 * President-elect Joe Biden lost his cool at a CBS News reporter on Friday 
 * Biden was wrapping up meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer 
 * Meeting took place in president-elect's office in Wilmington, Delaware * As press corps was asked to leave, Bo Erickson asked Biden a question 
 * Erickson asked if Biden would urge teachers to allow kids to return to class 
 * 'Why are you the only guy who shouts questions?' Biden said in response 
 * Last month, Biden snapped at Erickson for asking a question about Hunter Biden 
 * New York Post obtained emails about Hunter's foreign business dealings 
 * The exchange came as Biden celebrated his 78th birthday, meaning he will be sworn in as the oldest president in the nation's history 

President-elect Joe Biden got testy with a CBS News reporter who asked him a question on Friday about his plan to get children back into classrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The tense exchange took place just as Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were wrapping up a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in Wilmington, Delaware. 

'In my Oval Office, mi casa, you casa,' Biden, who turned 78 years old on Friday, is heard telling the senior Democratic Party leaders. 

At that point, a Biden aide asked the assembled gaggle of reporters to leave as the photo op concluded.

WNU Editor: The question was a good one and it was asked calmly and respectfully. Joe Biden's response was the opposite. Joe Biden obviously does not like to be questioned by reporters in a setting that is not controlled. Rumors that Joe Biden is a "nasty person" have been circulating for years. We saw a small glimpse of that character yesterday.


Anonymous said...

he holds press conferences. a change

B.Poster said...

Not good for a leader to behave in this manner. This is a very good question indeed. The available evidence suggests the kids aren't spreading this and the risk to them is statistically zero. In my considered opinion not getting them back to in person learning in school is child abuse.

As for the teacher unions, they like most unions in America are treated like deity that cannot be questioned. As these are chief constituents of the democrat party, no wonder president elect Biden had trouble with this question.

Anonymous said...

How is this any different to the many times Trump snapped at journalists?

Anonymous said...

"he holds press conferences. a change"
- 11:09

"Press and the Presidency: Trump Beats Obama in Average Number of News Conferences (For Now)"

- Newsweak 7/21/17

That gives Trump an average of 2 news conferences per month, compared to Obama's 1.71 monthly average throughout his term.

Trump 2 per month
Obama 1.71 per month

Notice how Ms. Glum had to put an obligatory caveat to cast shade on Trump.

Anonymous said...


Here's a thought. If you are going to troll for pleasure (Leftist wingnut zealot) or profit (foreign government or an NGO), why don't you do some homework first or take some smart pills?

Laying off that vodka will raise your IQ 5 to 15 points.

Anonymous said...

There is a nice bar chart at the bottom of the pages that just about sums it up all nicely. But of you are an English major, you might have to ask your accountant for help. Numbers. It confuses some people.

RussInSoCal said...

It was a fair question and an important question. One that even Dems are demanding an answer to. (See NYC PS closure protests). Its typical of an autocrat like Biden to dodge in the way he did.

As for Trump being nasty to reporters, it usually when they lob repeat insulting non- questions like, "Do you regret all your lying?" or "Isn't calling the Covid 19 the China virus racist?".

A question as to whether schools should open up is a solid question and would have been answered coherently by Trump.

Anonymous said...

There might be some animosity there between Bo and Joe until mid next year, when Joe can no longer remember, who he is.

Joe resents that Bo asked about Hunter in Oktober.

Now that the holy temple press prostitutes believe that the Democrats have won the house and that dementia joe might be 25th amendmented out, they feel safe in asking 47 year Democrat pol tougher questions than What flavor is you ice cream. It is totally safe now to ask such question now that election season is over. The temple prostitutes know their seasons.

Bo is not particularly brave. He is just hungry, so he broke ranks first. With the pollsters routinely reporting that Biden had double digit leads, asking joe about Hunter the last full month of the campaign season, just did not give it time to sink into readers Pravda on the Hudson, Tass on the Potomac, and other corporate media. This is especially so when fact checkers will work overtime using double speak to dismiss charges of corruption.

Anonymous said...

there are press conference and then those filled with lies lies and more lies

RussInSoCal said...

Since Biden has yet to do an actual presser, you must be trying (in your feeble, semi-literate way) to infer that Trump spews, "lies, lies and more lies".

Please do articulate three such lies. Now.

Anonymous said...

@12:18 PM

You should start taking those smart pills yourself. Calling everyone 'trolls' who you don't agree with is not a very fitting argument. Why don't you put forward a solid foundation for what you're trying to say, or are you only capable of cheap childish insults not even worthy of a North Korean.

kidd said...

i am a scorpio biden is a scorpio and we have very sensitive out put around us woman are scorpios weakness but god could put a end to that if faithfull

Anonymous said...

Trump lied lied lied. That is his record. Biden coming up to bat and we will see. But the record shows Trump lied and lied and lied and the country had enough of him after one term.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath 4:34.

Anonymous said...

Good. Don't let the press push you around and establish your dominance on Day 1. That is exactly what I did when I went into prison - I found the meanest looking dude and shanked him. That allowed me to earn respect and finish out my term for cheating on my taxes.

RussInSoCal said...

4:34 PM

That's what I thought. Not one description. Just blind assertions with no back up. The problem with you progs is that you confuse lies with disagreements. It has to do with the generally poor state of public education in the US. They push out/create blinkered, illiterate morons who aren't equipped to handle any challenges to (outside of) their safely sealed echo chamber. IE: the American high school and university)

You hate Trump because he hurts your feelings. And you hate the Unites States as founded and you hate as it is because you've been taught its "racist". And it must be destroyed and rebuilt in construct 180 degrees from its founding. You are wrong on that. What you'll find it your ilk gets their druthers is a second rate socialist autocracy. AKA: tyranny.

Get out of your self-loathing bubble and learn something. Because its people like you they'll march into the box cars first.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right Russ and they won't have to wait in line, they'll be among the first to go. Re: any revolutionary uprising

Jeffsmith said...

Of course he's angry. He is the real life Walter puppet.😂

Anonymous said...

If Trump did lie he was only trying to catch up to you guys.

Anonymous said...

Beaten Trump may never be able to retire to his winter White House

Anonymous said...

The conservative National Review minced no words in a Friday editorial that denounced President Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine the Nov. 3 election, calling the president’s actions a “bid for infamy.”

The magazine focused special attention on the Thursday news conference at the Republican National Committee by Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, and lawyer Sidney Powell.

The two claimed a widespread voter fraud conspiracy, based on unproven allegations, which the National Review called “the most outlandish and irresponsible performance ever by a group of lawyers representing a president of the United States.” It dismissed the unproven theories of voter fraud and called their “lawyering worthy of the comments section of Breitbart News.’”

Anonymous said...

Dream on!

Anonymous said...

It's just not going away is it? But you try so hard you really do!