Saturday, November 21, 2020

Pentagon To Impose New Covid-19 Restrictions After Top Officials Were Exposed To The Coronavirus

The Hill: Pentagon to impose new coronavirus restrictions 

The Pentagon next week will place new restrictions on the thousands of personnel that work in the building following a new positive case among its top officials, the Defense Department announced on Friday. 

The building will move to a higher health protection level next Thursday, Nov. 26, cutting maximum occupancy to 40 percent and increasing the number of temperature checks on workers entering the building by as much as 15 percent. 

Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller decided to raise the Pentagon’s health protection level from “Bravo” to “Bravo Plus” based on a steady increase in COVID-19 cases at the Pentagon since the end of August 2020, “as well as an increase in cases in the National Capital Region since the middle of September,” according to a DOD statement. 

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WNU Editor: This happened after this top Pentagon official got tested positive .... Defense Department No. 3 Sidelined by Coronavirus Exposure at the Pentagon (US News and World Report). The acting US Defense Secretary was exposed but he is not self-quarantining .... The acting Pentagon chief was exposed to the coronavirus. He’s not quarantining. (VOX).


Anonymous said...

It'd still treat Covid-19 as a first strike weapon, or at least consider that it's part of a wider attack(and no, not the economic war or cultural war or information or cyber war...I would consider if Covid-19 is part of a wider Chinese strategy, and consider everything from depopulation, one of their favourite games and would match the new study on sperm fertility impact of covid patients) to a binary or more complex biological attack pattern in which covid is just one component

And it's time to present all evidence in front of the world. It's been a year now. Hurry the f up

Anonymous said...

Quarantining for COVID is for idiots.

If you have the common cold (rhino or corona), you should stay away from sick people or elderly.

You need to segregate not quarantine.

Anonymous said...

expose yourself then and report back