Thursday, November 6, 2014

After Committing A Number Of Sex Crimes, Libyan Cadets Sent Home As The U.K. Scraps Their Military Training Program

Bassingbourn Barracks. Cambridge News

Libyan Troops Flown Home As Cameron Scraps UK Training Camp -- The Guardian

Camp was intended to train 2,000 soldiers to bolster security in Libya but indiscipline - including rape charges - was rife

A group of Libyan troops has been flown out of the UK as David Cameron, described the failure to maintain discipline at their Ministry of Defence training camp as “completely unacceptable” and confirmed the scheme to train them in the UK had been permanently scrapped.

Some of the recruits were allowed to take part in a hastily convened passing-out parade at Bassingbourn barracks, Cambridgeshire, where the training scheme had collapsed in disarray after a breakdown in discipline and charges for sexual assaults. An MoD spokeswoman described the graduation ceremony as small and low-key.

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More News On The U.K. Scraping Their Libyan Training Program

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My Comment: What is astounding is that some of these Libyan cadets are now requesting asylum .... Libyan Soldiers Claim Asylum After Training Mission Sex Attacks (Breitbart). But what is even more outrageous is that some of these cadets are blaming the British for their "bad behavior" .... Cambridge Sex Attacks: Army did not explain right from wrong, Libyan soldier claims as troops prepare to leave Bassingbourn (Cambridge News).

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Unknown said...

The British government also said their asylum claims would not be rejected out of hand.

The British people would be better off with someone besides their current crop of Tories and Labour party drones.

"Downing Street confirmed that the Libyan soldiers are eligible to seek asylum in the UK before they are kicked out."

Pick the worst scatalogical or sexual insult for the British leaders of the main parties such an insult is too good for them. We need to invent new terms.