Tuesday, March 2, 2021

China's Military Vows To 'Not Lose A Single Inch' Of Ancestors' Lands In Asia

A map published by the U.S. Department of Defense shows several territorial disputes involving China, as of January 1, 2020. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE 

China's armed forces have vowed not to cede any ancestral lands, nor annex any new ones, amid the protracted territorial disputes pitting powers against one another in Asia.

"We cannot lose a single inch of the lands we inherited from our ancestors," the Chinese Defense Ministry's Information Bureau said in a statement published Monday in response to a question on China's national defense strategy, "and we would not take a single cent of others' possessions." 

The remarks echoed comments earlier made by Chinese President Xi Jinping to then-Defense Secretary James Mattis during a June 2018 visit to Beijing. Tensions have since worsened between the world's two largest economies, expanding the rift in their rival geopolitical views in areas such as Taiwan and the East and South China Seas. 

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WNU Editor: These remarks by China always raises alarm bells with all of its neighbors. And as to what are China's "ancestors lands"? The above US Department of Defense map gives a good indication, but what is omitted are China's claims on major parts of Russia's Siberia, Mongolia, and the central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrzystan, and Tajikistan. 

Update: The Chinese are backing this vow with major exercises .... South China Sea: Beijing embarks on month of military drills as fears of all-out war rise (Daily Express).


Anonymous said...

All of the World, wnu, don't you get it?post covid 19, all economies around the world shrink and were together damaged in the trillions, except China's economy. They're now buying property all around the world from underneath tbe feet of people who are about to hang themselves thanks to the Chinese virus.

But the WHO says it came from a food market, so no damages to be paid by China. See how that works?

YOUR economy is devastated
YOUR people are dropping dead from the virus or suicide
BUT complain and you're a racist.

Food market virus. Yeah sure
I hope every single one at the WHO takes this to their grave. Their names will forever be marked as traitors
Human scum

Anonymous said...

China should compromise with Vietnam on the Spratlies.

China should give the Scarborough reef and Fiery Cross to the Philipinos

China should not covet Indonesian, Malaysian or Bruneian waters.

The MacMahon line is shit, but China might look at whether the land they claim if the people want them. It would be best not to piss off India. Pakistan is a Chinese "ally". If Afghanistan breaks apart, Pakistan will get bigger and have bigger britches. And later bigger dreams. China would do well to be kind to India. It might need them.

That is if China wants victory.

Never saw the Uighurs, Tanguts, Manchus or Russians give up their claims.

Anonymous said...

1109 again you ... you realise the vietnamese hate the Chinese, always have and always will.
You realise this, right? The same mistake the people of the domino theory made. You must be American and one who barely ever set foot in Asia:)

Anonymous said...

I have bene set foot in five Asian countries and but one of them multiple times.

I do not agree that the domino theory is proven wrong. When you delay, attrite, and fatigue the opposition, they do not have the wherewithal to necessarily go on to further conquests.

The PAVN/VC suffered 444,000 military deaths. If they had only suffered 100,000 and been in Saigon in 1965 or 1968 do you think their eyes would not have been bigger? As it was Laos and Cambodia fell. If it had been easier Thailand would have also fallen.

11:09, you might need a rectal exam. You seem awfully uptight.

Jac said...

If I was Russian I will take note immediately and act consequently.

Anonymous said...

WNU is Russian, but he is too busy pushing COVID panic porn. You would think that once his mother had her 2nd vaccination in 2 or 3 months, he would grow a pair. You would think that and you would be wrong. I can honestly seeing him being on pins and needles since his mother is elderly.

If things were so serious and we needed leadership by example, we would not have people like Governor Newsom getting caught dining out again.

Gavin Newsom Ignores His Own COVID Shutdown Rules AGAIN at California Restaurant

Parents are outraged by a teachers' union official's hypocrisy

Jac said...

Anon 4:03 PM,

You have the right to disagree with who you want, but insulting has never make anybody smart.

Anonymous said...


My old man sad my spouse had a bigger balls than most guys. He never said and I never asked about if I belonged in the set of most guys. Just because a person is a guy does not mean they have a set.

The COVID kabuki theater is going to push us economics into the Great Reset that the IQ 1090 types in the World Economics Forum want. WEC and others simply could not do this with a bacterial based disease (or influenza, polio, or small pox which has been around forever).

No they have to do this with a viral based disease that most people do not know of. They count on people not knowing how the immune system works. Even people who are smart in programming business, accounting or choose any field outside of health, genetics and biology can be spooked over a cliff.

It is so politicized that 2 or 3 generations from now demographers or historians will catch their heads because the facts will not line up and agree.

I meant what I said. I can remember going to Gulf and the one thing can remember being a comfort is that the family was in base housing off base but in an out of the way cul de sac with DoD police officers. Did not have to worry about them. So not incredibly brave.

I figure the author would be brave if he did not have to worry about his family.

I have a Taguchi not a go, no-go theory of quality. I have a similar one of vaccines. I've loved through a meningitis epidemic. Which is to say it was n the news every day and for about 2 years they lined us up for shots for the new strain. Thousands of kids died. So i call bullshit on this pandemic. It is a real disease and a real virus. I have heard nothing but old people (I am one) falling victim to it. they have stopped reporting either because they have changed reporting requirements (they need a lab culture), the need a new media gimmick, or they ran out of people in the old folks home. Somehow the kids and young adults are spared.

SO it is not a scary disease. What is scary is them shutting down the economy and making it worse than the Great Depression.