Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Growing Role Of The Web In Assisting Law Enforcement

Speculation: In this photo, the Redditors claim that a man can be seen dropping a suspicious object near the scene of the second explosion

Web Sleuths Scour Thousands Of Marathon Blast Pictures To Try To Identify Anyone They Think The FBI Should Be Investigating -- Daily Mail

* Internet users turn detectives as they go through photographs from Boston Marathon to find anyone who may be involved
* Individuals called out by users on Reddit and 4chan that had black backpacks prior to the bombing
* Reddit user who started FINDBOSTONBOMBER identified as 23-year-old Boston resident and professional poker player
* No evidence that any of those highlighted had anything to do with atrocity
* Report says that authorities have made a significant break in the case

Web users have turned into detectives in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy, looking through hundreds of photos to find the person or group behind Monday's carnage.

As authorities conduct an exhaustive investigation of the moments leading up to the double bombing near the finish line, Reddit and 4chan users are doing one of their own - pointing out people at the site of the first bombing whom they think the FBI should be talking to.

There is, however, no official evidence to support that the individuals pictured had anything to do with the devastating twin bombing, which claimed three lives and injured 183 others. The claims are merely speculation, and not considered viable evidence in the Boston and federal investigation.

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My Comment:
The Daily Mail only shows a few pictures and the faces are blurred. For a complete photo gallery where the pictures are not edited, go here.

As to what is my take on the growing role of the web in assisting law enforcement  .... I will advise the FBI to not discount the power that a web audience can have on your investigation. It is an army of people that are willing and able to assist your investigation .... the challenge is on how to organize it so that you do not get flooded with info and intel that is not useful.

On a side note .... this terror incident is revealing (again) the growing power of the web in covering major news stories. The main stream media is biased and it does pursue an agenda .... it also filters the news and on what they want to show you. The web is slightly different because it gives you everything .... every-side possible and unedited. The key is knowing what is accurate .... and what is made up .... and that decision is usually based on your own biases and prejudices. As for myself .... I now rely more on the mountain of news from the web than what I can see on my TV .... and I have noticed over the years that I have become better informed than those who rely on what a 2 minute news-clip may say on the evening news.

Update: Teen: I Am Not the Boston Marathon Bomber -- ABC News

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D.Plowman said...

Bit skeptical of this approach and ease to which strangers on the web conduct their own investigation...

The negative side to this is that they could pinpoint a completely innocent bystander and implicate that specific individual. Before you know it, his/hers face could be plastered on the web, accused of a crime they never committed.

Not something the innocent should be caught up in.