Saturday, June 29, 2013

Navy Offers $160K Bonuses To SEALs For Re-Enlisting

Great SEALs of the United States… -- Battleland/Time

…are slated to get bonuses of up to $160,000 for re-enlisting, according to the Navy.

These aren’t for rookies, but for the cream of the crop: SEALs who have been in uniform for at least 18 years. Contrary to public perception, SEALs and those who support them tend to be older and more experienced than most sailors. These bonuses are aimed at keeping senior enlisted and chief warrant officers on board.

The service is offering bonuses of varying sizes to Naval Special Warfare sailors and chief warrant officers willing to serve up to seven more years. “Qualified members may re-enlist for six years and simultaneously sign a 12-month extension to maximize the seven year NSW CSRB [Naval Special Warfare Critical Skills Retention Bonus] opportunity,” the Navy’s personnel shop says. Bonuses have regularly been used to keep SEALs serving.

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My Comment: The Navy clearly wants to keep their senior sailors and chief warrant officers.

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