Saturday, August 17, 2013

Send In The Drones To Spy On China

Air Force's New Idea for Spying On China: Swarms of Tiny Bug Drones -- Killer Apps/Foreign Policy

Forget the slow, noisy drones that go after today's terrorists. Instead, picture swarms of tiny drones infiltrating heavily defended skies at will.

That's how the United States Air Force's drone shop sees it. The air service wants drone-makers to invent tiny aircraft -- nano-drones -- that can fly vast distances to spy on an enemy. These bug-like surveillance bots will be particularly useful in the Pacific, an Air Force official told a Washington conference on Tuesday. Because that represents the toughest challenge for American spyplanes: snooping on say, a China equipped with increasingly advanced air defenses.

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My Comment: There are still too many technical details that need to be worked out to make this feasible. But the above video is cool.

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