Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Network: A Documentary On Afghanistan

Documenting Afghanistan’s Transformation -- Lloyd Grove, Daily Beast

At incredible personal risk, filmmaker Eva Orner created a documentary about the country’s efforts to re-create its society. She's still dealing with the effects.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Eva Orner literally suffered for her art to make The Network, her hopeful yet harrowing documentary about a media mogul and his family’s dreams of transforming their beloved Afghanistan from a brutal, medieval backwater into a tolerant, modern society.

Orner, 43—who shared the Best Documentary statuette with director Alex Gibney as a producer of Taxi to the Dark Side, the 2007 film about post-9/11 America’s use of torture—narrowly escaped death a couple of times during her three months in Kabul. Once, she missed by a couple of minutes a December 2011 suicide bombing that killed 80 people and maimed many more, and another time she nearly stepped on one of the thousands of land mines that still litter the Afghan capital. She also ruined her health, contracting parasites and pancreatitis that have required repeated hospital stays since she returned home to Los Angeles.

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My Comment: The above trailer is impressive .... I am looking forward to their documentary.

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