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Crisis In Ukraine -- News Updates March 3, 2014

Minutes From War: Ukraine Claims Russian Forces Have Demanded The Crews Of Two Warships Surrender Within The Hour Or Face Being Attacked -- Daily Mail

* Russia has threatened to storm two warships in Sevastopol
* Kremlin has also reportedly ordered Ukrainian forces in Crimea to surrender or face attack - with a 3am deadline
* Ukraine admits pro-Russian troops have seized Crimean military bases
* Unidentified armed men seized ferry terminal in Kerch, close to Russia
* It is feared the terminal could be used to bring in more troops
* William Hague warned Russia of 'consequences and costs' today
* Russia is believed to have 6,000 troops in the region, claims U.S.
* Ukrainian acting PM says his nation will 'never' give up Crimea
* Russian authorities block access to Ukraine protest pages on social media

Ukraine says Russian forces controlling the strategic region of Crimea are demanding that the crew of two Ukrainian warships surrender.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Maksim Prauta said four Russian navy ships were blocking Ukraine's anti-submarine warship Ternopil and the command ship Slavutych in Sevastopol's harbour.

He said the Russians ordered the crew to surrender within the hour or face Russians storming and seizing the ships and crew.

It has also been reported that Ukrainian forces in Crimea have until 3am to surrender or face attack from the Russian fleet.

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Live Updates On the Crisis In Ukraine

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More News On The Crisis In Ukraine

Russia demands 2 Ukraine warships surrender -- AP
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Ukraine Will ‘Never Give Up’ Crimea, Says Premier -- Time
Ukraine border guards report Russian build-up -- Al Jazeera

Conflict in Ukraine would destroy regional stability: PM -- Reuters
Wives, neighbors hold war of words in armed Crimea standoff -- Reuters
Pro-Russia protesters occupy regional government in Ukraine's Donetsk -- Reuters
Ukraine crisis: 'We won't give up without a fight' -- The Guardian
Ukraine navy officers reject plea to defect to Russian-backed Crimea -- The Guardian
Crimean air base pledges allegiance to local authorities -- RT
Ukrainian special forces regiment joins other units in refusal to march against Crimea -- RT
Mixed Reaction to Russian Troop Presence in Crimea -- Voice of America
Fear Is in the Air Among Crimean Tatars -- Voice of America
East Ukraine aflame with Russians poised to strike -- USA Today

Putin watches Russian war games amid Ukraine tensions -- Chicago Tribune
Putin hints he may let 'fact-finding' team evaluate Ukraine crisis -- L.A. Times

At U.N., Russia Points to Ultranationalist Threats in Ukraine -- New York Times
Kerry threats vs Russia unacceptable, West sides with neo-Nazis - Russia's FM -- RT
Russia says Kerry's remarks about Ukraine unacceptable -- Reuters
Russia says Ukraine action aimed at protecting human rights. -- RIA Novosti
Russian option to send troops is only to protect human rights - Lavrov -- RT
We had to defend our citizens, says Russia -- The Telegraph
Russia Blasts West Over Suspension of G8 Summit Preparations -- Voice of America
Russia's Lavrov to meet U.N.'s Ban, Brahimi in Geneva: agencies -- Reuters
Lavrov: Troops in Crimea Protecting Russian Citizens -- Voice of America

Ukraine crisis: Western leaders scramble to respond to Russian incursion -- FOX News
Ukraine crisis: G7 condemns Russia military build-up -- BBC
Kerry: Russia faces isolation over ‘aggression’ in Ukraine -- Washington Post
Western leaders scramble to halt Russia's advance into Ukrainian territory -- The Guardian
Crimea crisis: Cameron to propose range of sanctions against Russia -- The Guardian
Ukraine crisis: Angry Angela Merkel questions whether Putin is 'in touch with reality' -- The Telegraph
Russia ties compound German dilemma in Ukraine crisis -- Reuters
West Scrambles on Ukraine as Russia Tightens Grip in Crimea -- New York Times
US concedes Russia has control of Crimea and seeks to contain Putin -- The Guardian
U.S. urges Russia to support sending OSCE monitors to Ukraine -- Reuters
EU May Impose Arms Embargo on Russia -- WSJ

Ukraine’s Ousted President Faces Additional Inquiry – Report -- RIA Novosti
Facing 'threat of war,' Ukraine's UN ambassador vows: 'We will succeed' -- FOX News
Ukraine's gas stocks can meet four months of demand -- Reuters
Russia Ready to Hire Ukrainian Police -- RIA Novosti
Russia Seeks Ukrainian Who Allegedly Sought Warlord’s Help -- RT
Up to 10yrs’ jail for dual citizenship: Ukrainian bill targets tens of thousands -- RT

Russian markets plunge as Putin tightens Crimea grip -- Reuters
Global stocks tumble over Ukraine crisis -- CNN
Concerns grow of economic sanctions between Russia, Europe as crisis in Ukraine escalates -- AP

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