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Boris Johnson Elected As Tory Leader And The U.K.'s Next Prime Minister

Daily Mail: Boris vows to LOVE BOMB rebel MPs after being crowned Tory leader as he assembles his team and appoints REMAINER Mark Spencer as chief whip

* Boris Johnson has been announced as Conservatives' new leader after winning backing from party members
* The MP won a resounding 66 per cent of the votes from Conservative Party members in the postal ballot
* The newly-elected Tory leader will take over from Theresa May as the Prime Minister tomorrow afternoon
* Mr Johnson has made an appeal for party unity following a fractious campaign against Jeremy Hunt
* He has reiterated his determination to force through Brexit by the end of October with or without a deal
* Respected behind-the-scenes operator Mark Spencer has been appointed as the government chief whip
* Education minister Anne Milton became latest to resign saying she had 'grave concerns' over No Deal

Boris Johnson was cheered to the rafters by Tory MPs tonight - as he got his leadership off to a running start by appointing Mark Spencer as his chief whip.

Mr Johnson was greeted with whooping and banging of desks as he arrived to address the backbench 1922 committee at Parliament after securing the top job. In an up-beat plea for unity, he promised to 'love bomb' those who did not back him.

The new Conservative leader spent the afternoon thrashing out the shape of the rest of his team with aides amid high secrecy, with rumours swirling over who will get the biggest posts when he officially takes over from Theresa May as PM tomorrow.

He kicked off the process by drafting in Mr Spencer, a Remainer in the referendum who is little-known outside Westminster but a respected behind-the-scenes operator. Sky executive Andrew Griffith has been brought in as the No10 'corporate adviser'.

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Is There A Secret China - Cambodia Deal To Allow Chinese Forces At A Naval Base?

Reuters: Cambodia denies deal to allow armed Chinese forces at its naval base

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - China will be able to place armed forces at a Cambodian naval base under a secret pact between the two nations, the Wall Street Journal said on Sunday, although Cambodian officials denied such a deal had been struck.

The agreement, reached this spring but not made public, gives China exclusive access to part of Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base on the Gulf of Thailand, the Journal said, citing U.S. and allied officials familiar with the matter.

Such an arrangement would boost China’s ability to assert contested territorial claims and economic interests in the South China Sea, challenging U.S. allies in Southeast Asia.

Chinese and Cambodian officials denied such a pact existed, the Journal said.

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WNU Editor: Cambodia is denying any secret deal with China, but there is a lot of information that is being leaked that makes one wonder if there is a secret deal .... China Expands Military Reach With 'Secret' Deal For Cambodia Base (Zero Hedge).

More News On Reports That There A Secret China - Cambodia Deal To Allow Chinese Forces At A Naval Base

Cambodia's Hun Sen says report of military base deal with China 'false' -- UPI
Cambodia Denies Report Of Deal With China For Use Of Naval Base -- NPR
Cambodia Denies 'Secret' Naval Base Agreement With China -- VOA
China reportedly stuck a secret deal to allow its military to access a Cambodian naval base -- Business Insider/Reuters
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US Fears Cambodia Resort May Become China Naval Base -- Bloomberg
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Iran Admiral Says Iran Is Watching All U.S. Ships In The Gulf Region

Iranian Navy Chief Hossein Khanzadi has said Iran possesses intercontinental drones and will use them if necessary.

Reuters: Iran observes all U.S. ships in Gulf region: Iran navy chief

GENEVA (Reuters) - Iran observes all U.S. ships in the Gulf region and has an archive of images of their daily movements, the head of Iran’s navy, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, said on Tuesday, according to the Young Journalists Club news site.

Iran and the United States came to the brink of war last month after the Islamic Republic shot down a U.S. drone, nearly prompting a retaliatory attack which U.S. President Donald Trump called off at the last minute.

Tensions have also spiked between Iran and Britain after the Islamic Republic seized a British-flagged tanker last Friday because it had collided with a fishing vessel, according to Iranian officials.

British Royal Marines seized an Iranian tanker off the coast of Gibraltar in early July, accusing it of violating sanctions on Syria.

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WNU Editor: And I am sure the U.S. is watching all Iranian ships.

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Iranian admiral: 'We observe all enemy ships' including US -- The Hill
Drones watch every U.S. ship in the Persian Gulf, Iran’s navy chief claims -- The Washington Post
Iran Possesses Images of US Ships' Daily Movements in Persian Gulf Region – Navy Chief -- Sputnik
Navy chief: Iran to use its ‘intercontinental drones’ if necessary -- Tehran Times

Israeli Minister Admits That Israel Has Been 'Killing Iranians' In Syria

Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes in Syria against what it says are Iranian and Hezbollah military targets AFP/File

France 24: Israeli minister boasts his country has been 'killing Iranians'

An Israeli minister boasted Sunday that his country was the only one that "has been killing Iranians", after tensions between Britain and Iran rose in the Gulf.

Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi's comments to public radio were a reference to Israeli strikes in neighbouring Syria against Iranian and Hezbollah military targets.

But they came after Iran seized a British-flagged tanker on Friday, adding to tensions between Washington and Tehran linked to a 2015 nuclear deal.

Hanegbi accused Iran, Israel's main enemy, of seeking to create "chaos" and "harm freedom of navigation."

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WNU Editor: this is one of those admissions that is surprising no one.

President Trump Says It Is Getting Harder To Want To Negotiate With Iran

Reuters: Trump says it is getting harder for him to want to negotiate with Iran

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that it is getting harder for him to want to make a deal with Iran and said the situation could go either way very easily.

Trump made the comments to reporters at the White House amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Western powers. Iran said earlier on Monday it had captured 17 U.S. spies and sentenced some to death, but Trump denied the reports.

The United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and reimposed sanctions on the country in May 2018. Trump said the agreement did not go far enough.

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WNU Editor: When it comes to Iran this is the usual U.S. policy (i.e. wait and see) .... War or peace talks with Iran? Trump says he will wait to see how things unfold (USA Today).

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Trump says it is getting harder to want to negotiate with Iran -- Al Jazeera
Trump blasts Iran, says hard to deal with top 'terror' state -- AFP
Trump calls Iran a ‘very mixed-up’ country as tensions grow -- NYPost
Trump Says US Bracing for 'Absolute Worst' With Iran -- VOA
Trump doesn't rule out talks with Iran amid increasing tensions -- CBS
Donald Trump says Iran's claims it has arrested 17 CIA spies 'totally false' -- ABC News Online
Trump on Iran busting 'CIA' spy ring: 'That's another lie' -- UPI
On Iran, Donald Trump is running out of options -- AFP

Iranian Documentary To Expose How The CIA Operates In Iran

Sputnik: Iranian Documentary Reveals How CIA Recruited Agents, Sent Equipment to Assets in Iran (Video)

Earlier Monday, Iranian media confirmed that a major cyber-espionage ring run by US intelligence had been uncovered and dismantled, with some 17 CIA-trained spies said to have been identified, some receiving long prison sentences while military personnel got the death penalty for treason.

Iranian television has aired a Farsi language documentary detailing CIA operations in Iran, including a clip showing one alleged CIA officer in the United Arab Emirates trying to recruit an unidentified Iranian.

“There are many [Iranian] intelligence officers here in Dubai. It is very dangerous,” a woman, speaking Farsi with an accent and appearing to be an American, was shown telling the would-be agent.

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WNU Editor: There is a fierce propaganda war being waged in the Middle East, and this video is just one example among many on what is happening in the region.

Iran Claims To Have Busted A Major CIA Network

The Guardian: Iran claims to have arrested 17 CIA spies

Tehran says some of the Iranians allegedly spying for US have been sentenced to death

Seventeen Iranian nationals allegedly recruited by the CIA to spy on Iran’s nuclear and military sites have been arrested, Tehran said on Monday, adding that some of them had already been sentenced to death.

The arrests took place over the past months and those taken into custody worked on “sensitive sites” in the country’s military and nuclear facilities, an Iranian intelligence official told a press conference in Tehran.

He did not say how many of them had received the death sentence or say when the sentences were handed down.

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Iran says 17 alleged CIA spies arrested and sentenced, though Trump denies claim -- CBS/AP
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Iranian media releases 1st PHOTOS of ‘captured CIA-linked spies’ -- RT
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Iran warns West against starting conflict, says not looking for confrontation -- Reuters
Has the CIA's spy network in Iran just been busted open? -- Joseph Fitsanakis, ABC News Online

U.K. Says Europe-Led Mission Will Protect Gulf Shipping After Iranian Seizure Of Tanker

Daily Mail: First pictures INSIDE the British tanker captured by Iran: Tehran taunts the UK by releasing photo of terrified crew huddled on board vessel after it was seized by Revolutionary Guard gunmen

* British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero was seized by Iran on Friday as it sailed through the Strait of Hormuz
* First image taken inside vessel shows part of its 23-strong crew being held by Iranian Revolutionary Guards
* Video also shows Iranians talking to the crew around a table, and thanking them for their cooperation
* Tehran seized the tanker after Iranian-flagged vessel was stopped by marines off Gibraltar earlier this month
* Downing Street today said UK 'does not seek confrontation with Iran' but described the move as 'escalatory'
* Russia threw its backing behind ally Iran on Monday, saying its position 'is much more convincing' than UK
* Tehran also said it had arrested 17 suspected CIA spies and will put some to death, further increasing tensions

Iran today paraded the crew of a British-flagged tanker that it captured in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday.

Tehran released video of some of the 23-strong crew of the Stena Impero sitting around a table speaking with one of their captors, alongside fresh images showing Revolutionary Guardsmen on board the Swedish-owned vessel.

The video shows seven of the crew wearing red jumpsuits and sitting around a table, as one Iranian guard can be heard thanking them for their cooperation. The cameraman can also be heard telling them not to look at him. Another video shows the crew laughing while standing around a coffee machine, and the ship's cooks preparing food in an apparent attempt to show they are being treated well.

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Europe-led mission will protect Gulf shipping after Iranian seizure of tanker, U.K. says -- CBC/AP
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President Trump Says Chinese President Xi Is Acting Responsibily With Hong Kong's Extradition Bill

SCMP: Donald Trump says Xi Jinping ‘acted responsibly’ in Hong Kong extradition bill protests

* US leader says China could stop demonstrations ‘if they wanted’
* Dozens of protesters left hurt by a mob of attackers in Yuen Long

After a night of violent unrest in Hong Kong that left dozens of protesters hurt by a mob of attackers, US President Donald Trump said on Monday that Chinese President Xi Jinping had acted “responsibly” in allowing the demonstrations to continue.

“I’m not involved in it very much but I think President Xi of China has acted responsibly, very responsibly,” Trump told reporters in the White House when asked about the previous night’s violence. “They’ve been out there protesting for a long time.”

Seven weeks of demonstrations against proposed changes to Hong Kong’s extradition laws have been punctuated by violent clashes between protesters and police, fuelling Hongkongers’ anger at the city government, whose embattled leader continues to resist calls to resign.

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Update #1: Trump Praises Chinese Response to Hong Kong Protests (VOA)
Update #2: Trump says China's Xi has acted responsibly on Hong Kong protests (Reuters)

WNU Editor: Too early to say that China is acting responsibly. As for China, they are blaming the U.S. for the current unrest in Hong Kong .... China tells U.S. to remove 'black hands' from Hong Kong (Reuters).

Masked Assailants Attack Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong Kong Metro Station

Business Insider: Masked assailants storm Hong Kong metro station with batons in an apparent attack on pro-democracy protesters

* A group of assailants stormed a train station in Hong Kong on Sunday night following a pro-democracy march, attacking passengers with batons, sticks, and other makeshift weapons.
* Video from the event shows a group of men, some wearing masks and many in white t-shirts, storming the Yuen Long Station in the city's north and attacking commuters.
* Hong Kong's hospital authority said at least 45 people were injured as of 2:30 a.m., the South China Morning Post reported, with one in critical condition.
* The train station violence follows clashes between police and protesters earlier in the day.

A group of assailants stormed a train station in Hong Kong on Sunday night following a pro-democracy march, attacking passengers with batons, sticks, and other makeshift weapons.

Video from the event shows a group of men, some wearing masks and many in white t-shirts, storming the Yuen Long Station in the city's north and attacking commuters.

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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Inspects New Submarine

The dictator (pictured with his officials) was shown praising a submarine that he says will patrol the sea to the east of his country as he boasted of a boost to national defences

Daily Mail: Kim Jong-Underwater inspects new submarine that was built with his 'special attention' as he orders many more to be constructed

* Kim Jong-Un pictured addressing his officials on state media claiming he will deploy a submarine protection
* Broadcaster KCNA did not specify what weapons the submarine will carry in the sea to the east of the country
* The so-called Supreme Leader hailed 'our kind of powerful submarine' as important to national defence

Dictator Kim Jong-Un inspected a newly built submarine and pointed out its tactical capabilities and weapons systems, North Korean state media said on Tuesday.

The totalitarian was seen walking ahead of his officials before addressing them as they took notes from the so-called Supreme Leader.

His media outlet claims that a submarine was built under Kim's 'special attention' and will be operational in the East Sea, also known as the Sea of Japan.

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WNU Editor: He is sending a message.

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Kim inspects new submarine, wants NKorean military bolstered -- AP
North Korea's Kim inspects new submarine, signals possible ballistic missile development -- Reuters
N. Korean leader inspects new submarine as talks with US stall -- AFP
North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Inspects New Submarine -- CNBC

Warplanes From South Korea, Russia, China, And Japan Were Involved In Yesterday's Air Confrontation

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

CNN: Warplanes from four countries face off in Asian confrontation

Warplanes from four countries faced off Tuesday in a chaotic and unprecedented confrontation above a small, disputed island off the coast of South Korea and Japan.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a statement claiming they had fired more than 300 warning shots at a Russian A-50 command and control military aircraft early Tuesday morning after it had twice violated the country's airspace, the first such incident between the countries.

Moscow furiously denied Seoul's account of the encounter, claiming that South Korean military jets had dangerously intercepted two of its bombers during a planned flight over neutral waters.

But in a statement Tuesday afternoon, Japan's Ministry of Defense backed up South Korea's claims, saying the A-50 had flown over the islands and that Tokyo had scrambled fighters to intercept.

In a further complication, both South Korea and Japan said that two Chinese H-6 bombers had joined the Russian military aircraft on sorties through the region as well.

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WNU Editor: It looks like this was a joint Russian - Chinese exercise, and I would have to say that this was a deliberate provocation to test both South Korean and Japanese air defense, and do they work together .... Russian aircraft violates S. Korea's airspace above East Sea twice (Korea Herald). I am not surprised that Japan got involved .... Japan scrambles fighters to intercept Russian and Chinese planes (Reuters).

South Korea Fired ‘Warning Shots’ At A Russian Military Aircraft Aftr It ‘Violated Airspace’

Reuters: South Korea fires hundreds of warning shots at Russian military plane in its airspace

SEOUL (Reuters) - The South Korean military fired hundreds of warning shots at a Russian military aircraft that entered South Korean airspace on Tuesday, defense officials in Seoul said, with Chinese military aircraft also entering South Korean airspace.

It was the first time a Russian military aircraft had violated South Korean airspace, an official at the Ministry of National Defense in Seoul said.

The warplane was one of three Russian aircraft to enter the Korea Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ) early on Tuesday, one of which entered the zone twice, the defense ministry said in a statement.

Two Chinese military aircraft also entered the KADIZ, it said.

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WNU Editor: Russia is denying reports that its aircraft violated South Korean air space .... Russia denies its strategic bombers violated South Korean air space (Reuters). Russia is also saying that South Korean aircraft acted dangerously .... Russian MoD Says South Korean Fighters' Maneuvers Threatened Safety of Russian Bombers (Sputnik).

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Protests Continue In Puerto Rico

Time/AP: Puerto Rico's Political Crisis Deepens as Massive Protests Fail to Oust Governor

(SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico) — The political crisis in Puerto Rico has escalated to a point where many wonder how Gov. Ricardo Rosselló will be able to govern the U.S. territory in the coming days and possibly weeks amid the massive protests to oust him.

Rosselló dug his heels in late Monday after what seems to have been the biggest protest the island has seen in nearly two decades, telling Fox News that he has already apologized and made amends following the leak of an offensive, obscenity-laden online chat between him and his advisers that triggered the crisis.

But Puerto Ricans remained unsatisfied and vowed to keep protesting until he steps down, no matter how long it takes.

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WNU Editor: The Governor feels confident that he can weather the storm.

More News O Protests Continuing In Puerto Rico

Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans demand governor resign -- AP
Hundreds of thousands protest in Puerto Rico, calling for governor to resign -- France 24
Massive protests held in Puerto Rico after governor refuses to step down -- BBC
Puerto Rico: Thousands urge governor's resignation in massive protests -- DW
A New Power Blackout Hits Most Of Venezuela -- New York Times
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'He must resign': Thousands shut down Puerto Rico streets demanding Gov. Ricardo Rosselló step down -- USA Today
Mayor in Puerto Rico rebuts embattled Gov. Ricardo Rosselló's claim of support -- FOX News
Hundreds of thousands demand Puerto Rico's governor resign -- Al Jazeera
Puerto Ricans worry about future if embattled governor stays -- AP

A New Power Blackout Hits Most Of Venezuela

Reuters: Widespread blackout hits Venezuela, government blames 'electromagnetic attack'

CARACAS (Reuters) - More than half of Venezuela’s 23 states lost power on Monday, according to Reuters witnesses and reports on social media, a blackout the government blamed on an “electromagnetic attack.”

It was the first blackout to include the capital, Caracas, since March, when the government blamed the opposition and United States for a series of power outages that left millions of people without running water and telecommunications.

The blackouts exacerbated an economic crisis that has halved the size of the economy.

Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said the outage on Monday was caused by an “electromagnetic attack,” without providing evidence. He added that authorities were in the process of re-establishing service.

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Much of Venezuela in the dark again after massive blackout -- AP
Massive power cut in Venezuela plunges Caracas into darkness -- France 24
Venezuela blackout: Power cuts plunge country into darkness -- BBC
Maduro government blames Venezuela blackout on attack -- DW
Blackouts plunge Venezuela into chaos as minister blames saboteurs -- The Guardian
Venezuela suffers nationwide blackout in latest power outage -- Al Jazeera
Venezuela blames nationwide blackouts on ‘electromagnetic attack’ -- RT
Venezuelan Massive Power Outage Could Be Caused by Electromagnetic Attack – Minister
-- Sputnik

Pentagon Accuses A Venezuelan Fighter Jet Of Endangering The Crew Of A US Navy Plane

BBC: US denounces Venezuela aircraft's 'unsafe approach'

The United States military has accused a Venezuelan fighter aircraft of endangering the crew of a US navy plane in international airspace.

The Venezuelan plane made an "unsafe approach" and "aggressively shadowed" the US reconnaissance aircraft over the Caribbean Sea, US Southern Command said on Sunday.

Venezuela said the US plane had entered Venezuelan airspace without permission.

Relations between the two countries have been tense for years.

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More News On Reports That A A Venezuelan Fighter Jet Endangered The Crew Of A US Navy Plane

SOUTHCOM: Venezuelan fighter jet 'aggressively shadowed' U.S. aircraft -- UPI
Video shows Venezuelan fighter jet 'aggressively shadowed' U.S. aircraft, Pentagon says -- NBC
Venezuela jet 'aggressively shadows' US aircraft over Caribbean -- The Independent
US military says Venezuela fighter jet made an 'unsafe' approach to US aircraft -- CNN
Venezuelan jet 'aggressively shadowed' Navy aircraft: Pentagon -- The Hill
Venezuela fighter jet flies dangerous close to U.S. surveillance plane -- War Is Boring
Venezuela hits out at US 'spy plane' incursion -- AFP

Ukrainian President's Party Wins A Parliamentary Majority In Sunday's Vote

NPR: Ukrainian President's Party Wins Snap Elections In Bid To Consolidate Power

Exit polls in Ukraine indicate that the party of the country's comedian-turned-president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has won a snap election aimed at strengthening its coalition only months after coming to power.

Zelensky's Servant of the People party is expected to garner about 41 percent of the vote and gain a majority in parliament, but it will not have enough seats to govern without allies, according to the polls released Sunday.

The pro-Russian Opposition Platform appeared to have placed second, with about 12 percent. The party of former President Petro Poroshenko, who Zelensky unseated in April, finished third, according to polls quoted by Reuters.

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WNU Editor: President Poroshenko's Party and his allies were wiped out in Sunday's election. As for President Zelensky, he has a clear mandate to rule.

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Ukraine's President Zelensky on course for absolute majority in parliament -- France 24

Zelensky's party set for unprecedented majority in Ukraine vote -- Al Jazeera

No Experience? No Problem: A Look At Some Of The New Faces In Ukraine's Parliament -- RFE
Servant Of The People Or Master? Big Parliamentary Win Hands Ukraine's New President A More Dominant Role -- RFE

Ukraine is tired of yesterday -- Bernd Johann, DW
Will a comedian become Ukraine's mightiest leader? -- Mansur Mirovalev, Al Jazeera

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