Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Close Look At Tartus, Russia’s Naval Base In Syria (Video)

North Korea Confirms Submarine Launch Of A New Ballistic Missile


Daily Mail: North Korea test-fires two 'submarine-launched ballistic missiles' into the sea - hours after China's 'hypersonic nuclear missile' test was revealed 

* North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile at 10.17am local time, South Korea says 

* Launch took place near Sinpo, the North's main submarine-building shipyard 

* Analysts believe Kim Jong Un was likely testing a submarine-launched missile 

* If the launch took place from a submarine, it would be the first time the North has managed the feat and would add a deadly new weapon to Kim's arsenal 

North Korea has test-fired what is believed to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile which landed in the ocean off its east coast. 

The launch took place at 10.17am local time close to Sinpo, North Korea's main submarine-building shipyard, according to South Korea's military. 

Two 'ballistic missiles' were launched, the South said, flying 280 miles at a maximum height of 40 miles before crashing down in the East Sea.  

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Update #1: N.Korea confirms submarine launch of new ballistic missile (Reuters)  

Update #2: North Korea Launches SLBM, Amid Fears of Korean Arms Race (VOA)  

WNU Editor: China wants to get involved .... China Says Korea Tensions At 'Critical Stage' as North Korea Conducts Another Missile Test (Newsweek).

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

China’s Military Training Nurses To Conduct Night Island Landings

Military nurses are undergoing training to prepare them for an island landing combat situation. Photo: PLA Daily  

SCMP: China’s military tests nurses in nighttime island landing simulation 

* More than 300 nurses took part in training on a boat simulator, administering intravenous medication in near-complete darkness with waves of 2 metres 

* PLA is also developing a new digital health monitor for troops to wear that uses AI to decide who gets treated first and guide the nearest medic to them 

The People’s Liberation Army is training military nurses using a boat simulator to prepare them for a combat situation involving an island landing. 

More than 300 nurses from an unspecified military hospital took part in the first round of training from July 2020 to February this year – the first time the PLA has conducted this type of simulation exercise for nurses. 

Its Joint Logistics Support Force said the nurses had to administer medication via an intravenous line in near-complete darkness in a simulation of a nighttime combat scenario at sea, with waves of 2 metres (6.5ft).  

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Update: China tested nurses during simulated night landing exercise: Report (WION)  

WNU Editor: Using 300 nurses in a nighttime landing simulation?!?!?!? Developing a new digital health monitor for troops to wear that uses AI to decide who gets treated first and guide the nearest medic to them?!?!?!

I do not think there is any military in the world today doing the same thing at this scale.

Bad U.S. Polling Numbers Continue For President Biden And Congress. But The World Approves His Presidency

Washingtopn Examiner: Biden approval slips again, Congress fares even worse: Poll 

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Joe Biden's approval numbers continuing to slip through his first year in office, stuck in the upper 30s. 

Respondents gave Biden a negative 37% job approval rating, with 52% disapproving and 12% not offering an opinion. That's down a single percentage point from his 38% to 53% approval rating on Oct. 6. 

Additionally, 38% said they hold an overall "favorable opinion" of Biden, down significantly from May, when he was still fresh in office, with 49% rating him favorably. 

Biden's numbers may be sinking like a ship, but members of Congress are faring even worse. Per the Quinnipiac poll, respondents gave congressional Democrats a negative 30% approval rating to 60% disapproval. For congressional Republicans, it was 23% to 65%.  

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WNU Editor: President Biden's poll numbers may be underwater in the U.S., even lower than former President Trump at this point in his Presidency (link here). 

But according to Gallup, the world loves President Biden's leadership .... The United States' global standing rebounds under Biden (MSNBC). 

So who is right?

Food Shortages Are The Next Supply-Chain Crunch

Bloomberg: ‘People Are Hoarding’: Food Shortages Are The Next Supply-Chain Crunch 

(Bloomberg) -- In Denver, public-school children are facing shortages of milk. In Chicago, a local market is running short of canned goods and boxed items. 

But there’s plenty of food. There just isn’t always enough processing and transportation capacity to meet rising demand as the economy revs up. 

More than a year and a half after the coronavirus pandemic upended daily life, the supply of basic goods at U.S. grocery stores and restaurants is once again falling victim to intermittent shortages and delays. 

 “I never imagined that we’d be here in October 2021 talking about supply-chain problems, but it’s a reality,” said Vivek Sankaran, chief executive officer of Albertsons Cos., who echoed the laments of other retailers. “Any given day, you’re going to have something missing in our stores, and it’s across categories.”  

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WNU Editor: At the start of the pandemic a number of people asked me on what they should invest in. 

I said precious metals, products that preppers like to have, essential household products, and on the top of my list .... food. 

18 months later I am still doing the same thing, and I have no regrets.

Should Americans Rant About Short-Staffed Stores And Supply Chain Woes?

WNU Editor: The above tweet reminds me of an experience that my father told me that he had during the Ukraine famine of 1932-1933 .... a famine where millions died from starvation. 

He was 11 at the time, and everyone in the classroom was hungry. But at the start of every school day, they all had to stand up and give thanks and praise to Stalin for all the food and health that he was giving to them and to their families. 

This message was also reinforced in all the news broadcasts and newspapers.

Sighhh ....

The people, time, society, and location may be different, but the messaging from the government is always the same.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan's Reaction To Amess’s Murder Versus George Floyd’s Demise Is Telling

WNU Editor: Blogger "Small Dead Animals" says it bluntly .... they don’t do this by accident.

Will President Biden Serve His Entire 4 Year Term?

Steve Feinstein, American Thinker: Why I’m Betting Biden Goes the 4-Year Distance 

Barring infirmity, Joe Biden is likely to serve out his four-year term. For political reasons, despite the manifest failure of his presidency and his party’s terror of what lies ahead, he has a winning hand. 

Sure, the country is in one heckuva pickle right now. Everyone will agree to that. There is not one single aspect of daily life in America that is better under “President” Biden than it was under President Trump. In every meaningful, measurable, tangible way, the quality of life in this country has deteriorated precipitously.  


Inflation is out of control, we’ve gone from energy independent to begging OPEC for oil, crime is running rampant, the country is up in arms over the arbitrary un-Constitutional mask and vaccine mandates, the Afghanistan exit was a tragic debacle (and Americans are still trapped there, in spite of the liberal media trying to cover that up), illegal immigration is actually being welcomed by the administration in order to change the country’s voting demographics and scores of container ships are unable to offload in California, so store shelves are becoming empty.

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WNU Editor: I am sure that President Biden and his staff want to serve the full four years. A President Harris will bring in her own people and will probably dismiss or demote much of the current White House staff. So the push to keep and protect President Biden in the Oval Office will continue.

But it is going to be very hard for President Biden to serve his entire term. 

Dementia is a terrible disease, and one that I have learned a great deal about from my mother who is suffering from this disease, and from others who are in the same situation.

From what I have seen in the past two years, my guess is that President Biden is in the 3rd stage, and will be entering the fourth stage in the last year of his Presidency. 

But before that happens everyday is going to be a struggle. 

It is going to be taxing for him, his wife and family, and those who take care of him and try their best to insulate him from the press and public. 

So far they have done an excellent job. But there is only so much that anyone can do when it comes to handling dementia, and all that I can say is heaven help the United States if a major crisis or war breaks out where the President must be front and forward to handle it without rest or sleep for days.

See here .... The Seven Stages Of Dementia ( 

My mother is currently at stage 5.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Says No Country Has ‘Veto’ On Ukraine’s NATO Aspirations


RT: No country has ‘veto’ on Ukraine’s NATO aspirations, Pentagon chief says as Moscow warns Kiev joining bloc goes ‘beyond red lines’  

No third country can veto Ukraine's wish to join NATO, the Pentagon chief has said. His statement comes after Moscow warned Kiev that joining the bloc would go beyond "red lines" and may prompt Russia to "take active measures." 

Ukraine is free to decide its future and foreign policy, with no foreign entity having a say in its aspiration to join the NATO alliance, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Tuesday.  

"Ukraine… has a right to decide its own future foreign policy and we expect that they will be able to do that without any outside interference," Austin said at a joint press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart Andrey Taran in Kiev.  

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Update #1: Pentagon Chief: No Country Has ‘Veto’ on Ukraine’s NATO Aspirations (VOA)  

Update #2: Russia cannot Block Ukraine's NATO Aspirations - U.S. (  

WNU Editor: Secretary of Defense Austin also wants Russia to give up Crimea .... U.S. Tells Russia to Return Crimea to Ukraine, Stop Cyber Attacks on America and Allies (Newsweek).

Russia Signals No Extra Gas For Europe Without German And EU Approval For Nord Stream 2


Bloomberg: Russia Signals Europe Won’t Get Extra Gas Without Nord Stream 2 

(Bloomberg) -- Russia is signaling that it won’t go out of its way to offer European consumers extra gas to ease the current energy crisis unless it gets something in return: regulatory approval to start shipments through the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 

In exchange for upping supplies, Russia wants to get German and European Union approval to begin using the pipeline to Europe, according to people close to state-run gas giant Gazprom and the Kremlin.

“We cannot ride to the rescue just to compensate for mistakes that we didn’t commit,” Konstantin Kosachyov, a top pro-Kremlin legislator in the upper house of parliament, said in an interview, without specifying what Russia is seeking. 

“We’re fulfilling all our contracts, all our obligations. Everything on top of that should be a subject for additional voluntary and mutually beneficial agreements.”  

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Update #1: Winter Is Coming: Russia Signals No Extra Gas For Europe Without Nord Stream 2 (Zero Hedge)  

Update #2: Russia chooses not to raise natural gas supplies to Europe despite Putin’s pledge to help (CNBC)  

WNU Editor: Germany's Greens have their own conditions .... German Greens Want More Russian Gas, But No Nord Stream 2 ( 

Bottom line. 

If this is a normal winter and Nord Stream 2 is not used, prices for natural gas in Europe will be going through the roof.