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A Website That Cemmorates Those Who Were Murdered During The Stalin Purges

WNU Editor: My father's best friend lost his parents during this time. They lived a few blocks away from the Kremlin and his father was an important official in the government, and as such he lived in a nice top floor apartment. He was a young boy when the NKVD came knocking at the door one morning to arrest his parents. He had opened the door and all that he remembers is seeing a half a dozen stern looking men dressed like Gestapo types showing him a badge and then walking right by him. His last memory of his mother was to be embraced by her .... an embrace that knew then that this was the last time that he was going to see her. They left him there alone, and he stayed in that apartment for the entire day until his uncle came that evening to pick him up. He never saw his parents after that, and it was only when he himself was a top official in the Soviet government 45 years later that he knew what happened to his parents, who gave the order, and how they were executed. Today .... that apartment is my condo and home in Moscow. For those who know Russian, the website that commemorates these victims is here.

A Banner Year For U.S. Weapons Sales Abroad

AH-64 Apache

Breaking Defense: U.S. Has Already Sold More Weapons This Year Than All 2017: $47B

Trump's America First policies are paying off for U.S. weapons manufacturers.

FARNBOROUGH The United States has already blown past the amount of weaponry it sold to foreign governments all last year — with more than two months to go before the fiscal year ends.

American defense companies, with the blessing of the Pentagon and State Department, have already sold $46.9 billion worth of weapons to foreign governments this year, leaving the $41 billion worth of deals in 2017 in the dust.

Lt. Gen. Charles Hooper, director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which coordinates foreign sales, revealed the new numbers to me on Monday. “The president and the administration’s plans have given us that leadership, guidance and focus, and we understand that this comes directly from the top, directly from the White House,” he said.

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WNU Editor: These sales are across the board, and with the F-35 now ready to be sold abroad .... next year will probably be even better.

A Look At The Flow Of Arms Transfers Leaving The U.S. From 1950 To 2017

WNU Editor: This is an incredible map on the flow of arms out of the U.S..

Tweets For Today

A Look Inside America’s Aging Nuclear Missile Submarines

The nuclear missile submarine USS Tennessee (SSBN-734)

Breaking Defense: Inside America’s Aging Nuclear Missile Submarines

America's nuclear deterrent is aging, with a half-dozen replacement programs on the horizon. But the young men and women who serve, Gen. John Hyten said, are better than ever: “They love this country. They want to defend this country. They go to work every day. They’re amazing — they’re smarter than we were, by far. They get motivated differently so you have to lead them differently, but their passion is just the same.”

KING’S BAY, GEORGIA: Imagine drifting off to sleep underwater in a tiny room with eight other people, with nuclear missile tubes on either side.

Need a drink now? Too bad, because, while in theory the skipper can authorize alcohol, in practice he never will. You can eat canned asparagus every day though, if you want, thanks to a quirk in Navy nutrition regulations. (It’s unclear how much of it ends up compacted into cubes with the other garbage, weighted down, and dumped to the ocean floor). Oh, and as another health benefit, even though you live next to a mobile nuclear reactor, you get less radiation than the average American simply because you spend months at a time without seeing the sun.

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WNU Editor: These subs are getting old. The Columbia class will replace these subs at a cost of $128 billion (give or take).

Picture Of The Day

People start to walk away from the border fence between Israel and Syria at its Syrian side, as seen from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, July 17. Dozens of Syrians approached the Israeli frontier on the Golan Heights on Tuesday in an apparent attempt to seek help or sanctuary from a Russian-backed Syrian army offensive, before turning back after a warning from Israeli forces. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

WNU Editor:
The above picture is form this photo-gallery .... Israel warns Syrians away as Assad closes in (Reuters).

Ireland To Move All Of Its Oil Out Of The U.K. 'For National Security Reasons' Ireland To Move All Its Oil Reserves Out Of The UK

The Irish government is expected to agree this week on a plan to move all of the Republic’s oil reserves out of the UK as Ireland steps up its preparations for Brexit, Ireland’s Sunday Independent reported.

Under the plan, seen as one of the most significant Brexit decisions for Ireland so far, Ireland will transfer the nearly 200,000 tons of oil out of British refineries and back into Ireland or other EU member states, as the UK is preparing to leave the European Union bloc.

According to Sunday Independent, the oil would be moved out of the UK “for national security reasons.”

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WNU Editor: I guess Ireland has made the decision that Brexit will occur.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

President Trump: No 'Time Limit' To Denuclearize North Korea

Graphic showing the nuclear bomb test site and main missile test sites in North Korea. (Graphic: AFP/Gal Roma)

AFP: Trump now says no 'time limit' to denuclearize NKorea

Washington (AFP) - President Donald Trump said Tuesday there is no hurry to denuclearize North Korea under his accord with Kim Jong Un -- a shift in tone from when the US leader said the process would start very soon.

"Discussions are ongoing and they're going very, very well," Trump told reporters.

"We have no time limit. We have no speed limit."

Trump said he discussed North Korea with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday at their summit in Helsinki.

"President Putin is going to be involved in the sense that he is with us," Trump said.

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WNU Editor:
My contacts in the Far East tell me that it is going to take a few years. As to what is my take on how long it is going to take. There are no missile tests. There are no nuclear tests. Sanctions are still being enforced. The ball is in North Korea's court, and the onus is on them to do the next move .... which is going to take a long time. But so far .... everyone is proceeding with the expectation that relations, understandings,  and agreements are going to be respected. I guess that is why I am not surprised when I read reports like this one .... North, South Korea Militaries 'Fully' Restore Communication Line Across World's Most Heavily Fortified Border (Newsweek). Also this one .... North Korea to Hand Over Up to 55 Sets of US Remains Soon: Reports (

More News On President Trump Remarks That There Is No 'Time Limit' To Denuclearize North Korea

Trump: No time limit on N. Korea's denuclearization -- Korea Herald/Yonhap
Donald Trump Now Says No 'Time Limit' To Denuclearize North Korea -- NDTV/Reuters
Trump says no 'time limit' on DPRK dialogue, not to lift sanctions on Russia -- CGTN
Trump - no hurry on North Korea denuclearisation -- RTE

Russia Has Liquidated Its U.S. Treasury Holidngs

Zero Hedge: Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings

Last month we showed that as Trade Wars began in April, the world's central banks and other official institutions dumped more Treasuries than in any month since January 2016, some $48.3BN, perhaps over concerns of others selling first, and precipitating a sharp move higher in yields. Fast forward one month later to May, when according to the latest just released Treasury International Capital (TIC) update, in May the selling of Treasurys by official entities continued, with another $24BN sold in the month of May, when yields continued to rise and eventually hit the 2018 highs of 3.11%.

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WNU Editor: WNU predicted this Russian sell-off last month .... Gold Will Be King In Any Currency War (June 25, 2018). This sell-off has not impacted the U.S. economy or money markets .... Dollar up as Powell reinforces rate hike views, hits six-month high vs. yen (Reuters). The next country that will sell-off its US Treasuries will be China. But with the U.S. economy booming I doubt that it will have much of an impact on the financial markets.

What Did The Helsinki Summit Accomplish?

Russia's President Putin (R, back) and U.S. President Trump (L, back) walk during a meeting. Sputnik/Alexei Nikolsky/Kremlin via REUTERS

Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg: Putin and Trump Couldn’t Make the Relationship Work

The summit ended without agreements because there’s nothing the leaders can do for each other, however much they would like to.

Given the weeks of apocalyptic speculation that preceded the Helsinki summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the news conference that followed the meeting Monday should have been anticlimactic: Nothing was agreed, nothing gained or conceded. And yet John Brennan, who ran the Central Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration, tweeted that Trump’s performance was “nothing short of treasonous.”

But Trump didn’t recognize the Russian annexation of Crimea, announce a troop pullout from Syria, promise to disband NATO, withdraw U.S. troops from Germany or stop the deployment of U.S. anti-missile defenses in Eastern Europe. He didn’t give up his opposition to Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany or express regret about his decision to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine. In fact, he did nothing that could be construed as undermining U.S. interests as traditionally understood. His comments revealed no freebies to Putin or even any sign that the two leaders had attempted to negotiate compromises on the many substantive issues that divide their two countries.

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WNU Editor: According to all the Western pundits/news media/politicians/etc. .... nothing was accomplished, and this summit only showed how out of depth President Trump is when it comes to international relations. And what made everyone come to this conclusion .... a brief 30 minutes news conference at the end of the summit where a good part of the focus was on Russian election interference. No mention or news coverage has been made on what was discussed behind closed doors, and what agreements and/or understandings were made during these private talks. And when there is some coverage .... like the above commentary .... the conclusion is that nothing was done. On the Russian side, the news media is painting a different story .... and they are revealing some of the details on what was discussed behind those closed doors. To begin .... and to me this is very important .... the diplomatic war is over .... Russia-US summit may put an end to diplomatic war, says expert (TASS). An extension of the nuclear arms treaty .... Russia open to extending nuclear arms treaty with U.S. (UPI). A resumption of military ties .... Russian military ‘ready to work with US’ after Trump & Putin talk Syria, nuclear arms in Helsinki (RT). More here .... Pentagon Open to First Talks With Russian MoD - Reports (Sputnik). And what caught my eye was this .... Russian Military Offers to Cooperate with US in Syria ( I predict more details will be released in the coming days and weeks on what was discussed and agreed to during the summit .... I am just wondering if the Western media is going to cover it.

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- July 17, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin shake hands as they meet in Helsinki, Finland July 16, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Curt Mills, National Interest: Trump’s Inartful But Necessary Summit With Vladimir Putin

The opprobrium hurled at the White House Monday should remind the president of a potential core constituency: foreign policy restrainers.

With his deferential tone toward Russian president Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump “did not do himself any favors,” a veteran political observer told me Monday night. “But the fervor of the rebukes against him is telling: for a host of powerful figures in media and the government today, the worst thing Donald Trump has done to date is to try to work with Russia.” For a number of foreign policy restrainers, Monday’s reaction—not the summit itself—“was disturbing.”

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- July 17, 2018

A walk on the wild side as Trump meets Putin at Finland station -- Pepe Escobar, Asia Times

Russia’s Trump takeaway: Putin basks in post-summit glow -- Angela Charlton and Dimitry Kozlov, AP

Putin and Trump Couldn’t Make the Relationship Work -- Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

Was the Helsinki Summit Worth It? -- Thomas Graham Jr., National Interest

Both Parties Stuck in the Cold War -- Kristofer Harrison, RCD

NATO’s global peace is unraveling and we can’t see it -- Robert Kagan, Brookings

Yes, Syria Is Still a Mess -- Robert Moore, RCD

The Taliban Has Used Islam as a Weapon of War. This Is How Afghanistan Can Use It for Peace -- Tariq Ali Bakhiet, Time

Afghanistan's Drought Sharpens Water Dispute with Iran -- Rupam Jain, The Wire

Japan-EU trade deal not gold standard, but still worth billions -- William Pesek, Asia Times

Why a Chinese Spy Ship Is Hanging Out Next to Hawaii -- Kyle Mizokami, Popular Mechanics

China's Influence in Pakistan's Election -- Muhammad Akbar Notezai, The Diplomat

How far will southern Spain's resources for refugees go? -- Santiago Saez, DW

Nicaragua unrest: What you should know -- Al Jazeera

The True Power of Trump's Tweets -- Chris Davis, National Interest

World News Briefs -- July 17, 2018

Daily Mail: Petulant Trump desperately tries to end the Putin crisis by saying he BELIEVES Russia meddled in the elections - then mutters: 'Could be other people also' and John Kelly switches off the lights in the room by accident

* As he weathered heavy criticism on Tuesday for comments on election hacking, Trump declared victory in his Helsinki summit on Twitter
* He settled on a favored target for characterizing it as anything less than a success -- the media -- in late morning tweets
* 'While I had a great meeting with NATO, raising vast amounts of money, I had an even better meeting with Vladimir Putin of Russia,' he tweeted
* He said: 'Sadly, it is not being reported that way - the Fake News is going Crazy!'
* At a joint news conference with Vladimir Putin if believed his intelligence chiefs, Trump said he doesn't see 'any reason' why Putin would be lying
* Explained Tuesday in an extremely rare climb down that he meant to say there wouldn't be any reason for him to disbelieve his intel chiefs
* 'The sentence should have been, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia,' Trump said. 'I think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself'
* Trump said he was surprised by the firestorm that awaited him when he arrived on Monday in Washington and realized he needed to 'clear up' his comments
* Even allies of the president were telling him on Tuesday that he needed to 'reverse course' and issue a clarification

President Trump in the first major retreat of his administration said that he misspoke at his Helsinki summit when he said that he did not have 'any reason' to think that Russia meddled in the 2016 election.

Trump spoke directly to cameras on Tuesday afternoon in an effort to blunt criticism of a press conference with Vladimir Putin at which he let the Russian president off the hook for election interference.

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Iran 'preparing' to enrich if nuclear deal fails: official.

Amnesty: US-led coalition in denial over civilian deaths in Raqqa.

Dozens of fleeing Syrians turned away from Israeli border. Israeli army turns away displaced Syrians along Golan Heights.

Israel suspends fuel deliveries to Gaza over arson attacks.

Battle for Yemen's Hodeidah: 'Shells raining down on us'.

Yemen rebel leader willing to give UN control of key port.

Iraq braces for more unrest as Basra protests gather pace.


Paving the way for peace talks, Afghanistan considers a second ceasefire.

Afghan officials: ISIL bomber kills 20, Taliban kill 9 police. Afghan officials: IS bomber kills 20, Taliban kill 9 police.

In parched Afghanistan, drought sharpens water dispute with Iran.

Trump now says no 'time limit' to denuclearize NKorea.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un visits factories near Chinese border as leader’s focus switches to economy. Kim Jong Un 'very angry' after inspecting power station.

Rohingya want to return to Myanmar as citizens: UN.

Hong Kong: Pro-independence party faces possible ban.


Mali: Hundreds killed in intercommunal violence this year. UN 'deeply concerned' as communal violence surges in Mali.

S.Sudan foes to sign 'preliminary' power pact this week.

Eritrea reopens Ethiopia embassy as leaders pledge peace, progress.

Libya state oil company shuts terminal after attack.

Libyan coastguard left refugees to die in Mediterranean: NGO.

'We will rule forever,' says Tanzania's Magufuli.

Probe launched as one more black rhino dies after Kenya transfer.

Egypt to regulate popular social media users.

South Africa celebrates Nelson Mandela's centennial birthday.


May faces defeat as Labour backs customs union amendment.

Russia open to extending nuclear arms treaty with U.S..

Russian prosecutors want to question US intel agents.

EU 'positive' on Russia-Ukraine gas talks.

EU, US relations sinking further after divisive Trump tour.

Pussy Riot jail sentence for church protest 'exceptionally severe', European court says.

EU security chief: ‘far too much’ online extremist content.

Russian pilgrims mark 100th anniversary of czar’s execution.

Four years on Dutch remember those lost on flight MH17.


Trump, Russians hail summit as major victory; other U.S. views different.

Trump-Putin summit: US president reverses remark on Russia meddling. Trump says he misspoke on Russia election meddling.

Obama's sharp rebuke to Trump as he warns that 'strongman politics are ascendant', 'shameless politicians double down on lies' and 'the free press is under attack'.

Mueller seeks immunity for 5 witnesses in Manafort case.

Maria Butina: Gun activist with links to NRA charged with being a Russian agent in the US.

Nicaraguan forces violently retake symbolic city.

Violence in Nicaragua escalates as UN slams Ortega's government. Pressure mounts on Ortega as UN calls for end to Nicaragua unrest.

Venezuela's president: Africa won World Cup.

Trump to redesign Air Force One to be 'red, white and blue'.


ISIS is making a comeback in Iraq just months after Baghdad declared victory.

20 killed as ISIS bomber reportedly targets Taliban officials in Afghanistan.

IS fighters' orphaned children stranded in Libya.


US stocks rebound as tech and household goods companies rise.

IEA warns of 'worrying trend' as global investment in renewables falls.

Japan, EU agree to sweeping trade deal against tariffs.

George Clooney made $322 million last year to become highest-earning actor in world.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos beats Bill Gates in new rich list.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 17, 2018

Haaretz/AP: Trump, Putin Vow to Cooperate on Syria, Ensure Israel's Security

Trump says he saw no reason to believe Russia had hacked the 2016 U.S. presidential election to help him win, and Putin 'was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today'

Russian President Vladimir Putin opened Tuesday's highly anticipated joint press conference with U.S. President Donald Trump in Helsinki by saying that the U.S. president paid particular attention to Israel during their summit. Trump echoed that Russia and the U.S. will work together to help ensure Israeli security.

"We both spoke with Bibi and they would like to do certain things with Syria having to do with the safety of Israel," Trump told a joint news conference. "Russia and the United States will work jointly (in this regard)."

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 17, 2018

Putin: Trump 'paid particular attention' to Israel's security at summit -- Jerusalem Post

Russian Military Offers to Cooperate with US in Syria --

Pentagon Is Open to First Talks With Russian MoD - Reports -- Sputnik

Trump gets in another jab at NATO in sneering 'apology' saying: 'If asking for people to pay up money that they are supposed to pay is insulting maybe I did' -- Daily Mail

In Helsinki backlash, Democrats target sanctions loophole for US allies buying Russian arms -- Defense News

U.K. to stick with Eurofighter development in air combat strategy -- UPI

UK military eyes on-demand space launch from new spaceport -- Defense News

Macron signs French military budget into law. Here’s what the armed forces are getting. -- Defense News

Danish Official Rings Alarm as Half of Young Men Unfit for Military Service -- Sputnik

US targets Chinese and Russian missiles with THAAD upgrade in South Korea: military analysts -- SCMP

URS awarded $ 7.3M to support F-16s for Taiwan -- UPI

Taiwan puts second squad of US Apache attack helicopters on duty as Beijing boosts military presence -- SCMP

Israel passes law to ban groups critical of state, military from schools -- Reuters

Lockheed awarded $450.7M contract for Saudi patrol ships -- UPI

U.S. State Department in talks with Turkey to sell Patriot system -- Reuters

Aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford enters next development phase at shipyard -- Navy Times/AP

Jim Mattis’ ‘dynamic force employment’ concept just got real for the US Navy -- Defense News

Marines field-test new flash-bang mortar rounds during RIMPAC -- Stars and Stripes

All-Navy Crew Flies MV-22 Osprey for the First Time -- USNI News

US Air Force completes tests of troubled KC-46 vision system, but is it fixed? -- Defense News

What’s going on with America’s next fighter designs? -- Defense News

US says reports of defective anti-tank missiles is ‘fake news’ -- Washington Examiner

Pentagon asks Congress to shift $4.7 billion for a more lethal Army -- Bloomberg

Report: Army 4-Star Selected to Lead New Futures Command --

Helicopter drone loses weight, lengthens endurance, but will the change attract customers? -- Defense News

Revealed: The new structure for the Pentagon’s tech and acquisition offices -- Defense News

Pentagon Requests Funds for First Offensive Hypersonic Weapons -- Sputnik

3 thoughts on hypersonic weapons from the Pentagon’s technology chief -- Defense News

The U.S. military is trying to manage foreign conflicts — not resolve them. Here’s why. -- Washington Post

A Look Inside Russia's Air Force One

(Click on Image to Enlarge)
An infographic showing the dimensions of the aircraft as well as how it is designed as well as its top speed

Daily Mail: The battle of the jets: Putin's lavish plane interior - including gold-plated toilet - is revealed... so how does it compare to Air Force One?

* President Vladimir Putin has four presidential planes at his disposal including a £390million IL-96-300PU jet
* The aircraft has a special coating that makes it less visible to radar and an advanced communication system
* US president Donald Trump also has a presidential plane he can call on for travel known as Air Force One
* It has a cabin area of nearly 4,000-sq-ft, features include a bedroom, bathroom, gym and offices

From a gold-plated toilet to a king sized bed and even a gym, these astonishing pictures show the lavish interior of one of Vladimir Putin 's private jets.

The Russian president's $500million (£380million) aircraft touched down in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, yesterday ahead of his historic meeting with Donald Trump, who also boasts his own private jet - Air Force One, which is worth $1billion (£780million).

Here we take a look inside both jets to see how they compare...

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WNU Editor: Wow!

U.S. Marines Are The Heaviest Drinkers In The Military

Military Times: Survey: Military binge drinking drops, but this service stood out in a bad way

Binge drinking and increased use of e-cigarettes among service members are two of the behavioral trends Defense Department officials need to address, according to researchers who analyzed the most recent DoD Health Related Behaviors Survey.

About one-third of the service personnel surveyed met the criteria indicating hazardous drinking and possible alcohol use disorder, with 30 percent reporting that they binge drank in the past month. Among Marines, that figure jumped to 42.6 percent.

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WNU Editor: At least cigarette smoking has decreased although the use of e-cigarettes has increased..

Israel Blocks Gaza's Only Cargo Crossing For Fuel In Retailiation For A Wave Of Firebomb-Laden Kite Attacks

DW: Israel shuts cargo crossing into Gaza amid rising hostilities

Israel has closed its only cargo crossing with the Gaza Strip, preventing fuel deliveries to the Palestinian enclave. Authorities say it's in retaliation for a wave of firebomb-laden kites sent over the border.

Israel has blocked all fuel and gas transfers through the Kerem Shalom crossing with the Gaza Strip, Israel's defense ministry said Tuesday.

The measure will apply until Sunday "in light of the continued terror efforts of Hamas," but essential food and medicine deliveries will still be able to get through, the Ministry of Defense said.

Israel is seeking to increase pressure on Hamas, the Islamist militant group that rules Gaza, following a series of incendiary balloons and kites that have sparked damaging fires on Israeli farms after being sent over the border.

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Update #1: Israel suspends fuel deliveries to Gaza over arson attacks (BBC)
Update #2: Israel tightens Gaza restrictions amid heightened tensions (CNN)

WNU Editor: Talk of war is increasing .... IDF Calls for Israeli Political Pressure on Gaza Civilians in Last-ditch Effort to Avoid War (Haaretz).

Protests Over Corruption, Unemployment, And Electrical Shortages Grow In Southern Iraq

CNN: Protests spread, turn deadly in Iraq: At least 8 are dead, dozens hurt

Baghdad (CNN)At least eight people are dead and dozens injured in weeklong protests over jobs and basic services, Iraq's Ministry of Health spokesman Saif al-Bader said Monday.

The protests started in the southern Iraq port city of Basra and spread to different areas of the country.

At least 56 people have been wounded, seven of them critically, Bader said in a news conference.

Protesters react as Iraqi security forces fire tear gas during a demonstration against unemployment and a lack of basic services in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, on Sunday, July 15.

Of the eight dead, two were killed in Basra, two in Najaf, three in al-Simawa and one in Karabala. A Ministry of Health worker was killed in a car accident related to the protests and one ambulance worker remains in critical condition, Bader said.

The Ministry of Electricity has taken steps to improve service in Basra, said spokesman Musa'ab al-Mudaris at the same press conference.

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WNU Editor: This will make the situation even worse .... Iraqi Protests Threaten Oil Production ( What is also not helping are U.S. sanctions. Iran sells electricity to Iraq, but sanctions will stop this trade because Iraq will not be able to pay Iran .... Amid Electricity Cuts, Anti-Government Unrest Grows In Southern Iraq (NPR). More here .... Iraq's electricity deal with Iran fails as protests rage on (Kurdistan 24).

More News On The Growing Unrest In Iraq

Iraqi police disperse protesters outside Zubair oilfield as unrest grows -- Reuters
Iraqi forces use batons and rubber hoses to disperse protesters -- Al Jazeera
Iraq protests: Two killed, dozens hurt as unrest spreads in south -- NBC
Iraq: Deadly Basra protests spread to other cities -- Al Jazeera
Iraq braces for more unrest as Basra protests gather pace -- DW
Protests continue in Iraq over unemployment and poor services -- TRT
Iraqi protests escalate with no new government in sight -- Al-Monitor

President Trump Dismisses Backlash Over His 'Cosy' Summit With Russian President Putin

Daily Mail: My meeting with Putin was even better than great - the fake news is going crazy! claims Trump in teeth of condemnation for throwing his own spies under the bus as he cozied up to the Russian strongman

* As he weathered heavy criticism on Tuesday for comments on election hacking, Trump declared victory in his Helsinki summit
* He settled on a favored target for characterizing it as anything less than a success -- the media
* 'While I had a great meeting with NATO, raising vast amounts of money, I had an even better meeting with Vladimir Putin of Russia,' he said.
* He said: 'Sadly, it is not being reported that way - the Fake News is going Crazy!'
* At a joint news conference with Vladimir Putin if believed his intelligence chiefs, Trump said he doesn't 'see any reason' why Putin would be lying
* He slammed John Brennan, the ex-CIA boss who accused him of treason, calling the former spy 'a very bad person' in

President Trump said Tuesday that not only was his meeting with Vladimir Putin great - it was 'even better' than one he had a few days prior with America's security alliance.

As he weathered heavy criticism on Tuesday for fawning over the strongman who the U.S. intelligence community says was behind 2016 hacking, Trump declared victory in his Helsinki and NATO summits.

He settled on a regular target for characterizing his Putin presser as anything less than a success -- the media.

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WNU Editor: The media is going overboard .... MSNBC Contributor: Trump’s Performance Will ‘Live in Infamy’ as Much as Pearl Harbor or Kristallnacht (Mediaite).