Wednesday, July 8, 2015

China Is Looking To Build A Long Range Bomber

Defense experts have recommended that China upgrade its air force. Pictured: A J-31 stealth fighter of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force landed on a runway after a flying performance at the 10th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, Nov. 11, 2014. Reuters/Alex Lee

IBTimes: China Air Force Long-Range Bombers: People’s Liberation Army Needs To Develop Updated Aircraft In The Event Of Conflict, Defense Experts Say

China has been ramping up its defense budget and giving more attention to recruiting and training the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in recent years. Though China’s military has made enormous strides, defense experts say in order to be fully prepared for conflict, China must develop long-range strategic bombers.

While China has made focused improvements on its naval forces, the PLA Air Force needs to prioritize long-range bombers, a report by state-run China Daily said, citing recommendations made by the Kanwa Defense Review, a Canada-based publication that focuses on defense affairs.

WNU Editor: Any bets that the target and mission for such a bomber will be the U.S.?

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B.Poster said...

Safe bet on who the target is. China's is the world's second most powerful military. Russia is the world's most powerful military. It's not a good idea to be "targets" for the world's strongest military forces. With that said the chief concern should be Russia, it's nuclear arsenal, it's cyber warfare capabilities, and it's reported ability to shut off enemy weapons.

With regards to China it seems likely that there's little doubt China would win a conventional conflict with the US, there is a chance it would prove to costly to them at present to consider such an a situation. The operative words being "at present."

Instead of being "targets" for Russia and China how might we make them "friends" or at least how can we make them "neutral" towards us? while I have some ideas, this is a major question US policy makers should be asking themselves. While I'd prefer them to be friends, having them neutral towards us would be a vast improvement over the current situation. It would be of enormous benefit to us to have the two most powerful countries in the world as allies!!

With regards to Russia I'd suggest as a starting point recognize Russia's superior position and act accordingly. While this does NOT mean we would do everything they want, it would likely mean not taking reckless actions that risk conflict with them. From this point, we can look for ways to add value to Russia, China, the leadership of these countries, and the citizens of these countries.

Unknown said...

lol your chalet in mountains

Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

Already done: