Monday, June 20, 2016

China's Y-20 Is Now The World's Largest Military Plane In Production

First Roc
"11051", the first Y-20 in PLAAF service, is based in Sichuan Province, in the 12th Regiment of the 4th Transport Division. It's expected to be the first in hundreds of Chinese heavy transport aircraft., via RAJ47 at China Defense Forum

Popular Science: The World's Largest Military Plane In Production Is China's Y-20

200 tons of plane in the sky

On June 15th 2016, the first operational Y-20 heavy transport aircraft entered service into the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). China has now joined the United States and Russia as the only countries which can design and built its own strategic transport aircraft. It's built by the Xian Aircraft Corporation, and apparently has been assigned the call sign "Roc", after the giant mythical bird. In fact, of planes still in production, the 200 ton Y-20 is the world's largest, as it's larger than the Russian Il-76 and the American C-17A Globemaster ended production in 2015.

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WNU Editor: Here is another important industry that China wants to be the "first" .... China builds world’s fastest supercomputer without U.S. chips (Computer World).

30 years ago when I was working in China I told my "superiors" that China's goal was to be a world economic super-power in the next 50 years .... I was laughed at. Today .... Putin is trying to peddle Russia's oil company to China for cash .... Putin is considering selling $11 billion Rosneft, part of Russia’s corporate crown jewels (Bloomberg). Here is one thing that I have learned in life .... if you live long enough you will be amazed to see what was deemed impossible a few years ago becomes very possible (if not inevitable) in the future.

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