Monday, June 20, 2016

I Did The Shootings': FBI Releases Partial Transcripts Of Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen's 911 Calls

Daily Mail: 'Peace be upon the prophet... I did the shootings': FBI releases partial transcripts of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen's 911 calls - but scrubs out references to Islam and 9/11

* The FBI has released partial transcripts of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen's call to 911 shortly after he opened fire inside Pulse nightclub
* In the 50-second call he claimed responsibility for his attack that left 49 people dead and 53 injured
* Mateen also 'made murderous statements in a chilling, calm and deliberate manner' according to FBI Special Agent Roanld Hopper
* The FBI has redacted references to Islam, 9/11 and any other groups that Mateen pledged an allegiance to during the attack
* Mateen also told the crisis negotiator he was an Islamic solider had a car outside that contained a bomb, threatening to detonate it during their calls
* He said during his three calls with the negotiator that he was 'out here right now' because the United States will not stop bombing Iraq and Syria

Omar Mateen praised God, wished peace upon the prophet and spoke in Arabic during a 50-second call he made to a police dispatcher on June 12 from an Orlando gay club.

The FBI has released partial transcripts of Mateen's conversations with members of law enforcement during the brutal attack, starting with the 911 call he made at 2:35am, a little over 30 minutes after the first report of shots being fired at the Pulse nightclub.

Much of what Mateen said however has been redacted, with the FBI making the decision to leave out all references to Islam, 9/11 and any of the groups that the shooter pledged his allegiance to during the attack, which left 49 dead.

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