Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Istanbul Airport Terror Attack -- News Updates June 29, 2016

Daily Mail: 'Everyone was screaming... there was blood smeared everywhere': Survivor tells of terror inside Istanbul airport terminal after ISIS suicide bomb attack - as first pictures of the young victims emerge

* Three explosions rocked Istanbul's Ataturk airport in a co-ordinated suicide attack at 8pm GMT last night
* Eyewitness saw a police officer wrestle attacker to the ground just moments before the blast shook the terminal
* A total of 41 people are confirmed dead however this total is expected to rise to 50, according to Turkish officials
* Reports claimed that ISIS is to blame for the attack, according to Turkish news agencies citing police sources
* Turkish Airlines is the official airline partner of the Euro 2016 football tournament currently being held in France

A survivor has told of the chaos, panic and fear inside the blood-smeared terminal following the co-ordinated attack on Istanbul airport, as tributes begin to pour in for the 41 victims of the deadly assault.

Laurence Cameron had only just landed as the three suicide bombers went on their deadly rampage through Ataturk Airport last night, shooting anyone who got in their way, before detonating their deadly loads and engulfing the terminal in the flames.

By the time he stepped into the terminal, those who had escaped their bombs and bullets were fleeing for their lives.

'It must have been just as we touched down,' he told MailOnline. 'I did not even hear the explosions, but as I walked out and round the corner, the whole building was running screaming towards me.
'It was just mass panic, guards running around with guns.'

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Istanbul Airport Terror Attack -- News Updates June 29, 2016

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