Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Should The U.S. Withdraw From Afghanistan?

U.S. Army 1st Lt. David T. Broyles watches as his men leave Observation Post Rocky with Afghan National Army Soldiers in Kunar province, Afghanistan, July 19, 2010. U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Gary A. Witte

Daniel L. Davis, Politico: Don't delay the military drawdown in Afghanistan

The U.S.'s current military strategy isn't working. It's time for a new plan.

The past few months have seen a series of setbacks for the U.S. mission in Afghanistan as the Taliban has slowly gained territory and further destabilized the country through suicide attacks. As President Barack Obama’s second term winds down, he faces a critical decision over whether to follow through on a scheduled force reduction in the country.

While the military’s direct combat role in Afghanistan officially ended almost two years ago, nearly 10,000 troops remain, helping train Afghan soldiers and at times carrying out offensive strikes against the Taliban. The military is supposed to reduce the number of troops to 5,500 by the end of the year, but as the militants have gained ground, military leaders and politicians have increasingly called for Obama to delay the drawdown. This would be a big mistake. Instead of doubling down on a failed military strategy, the president should either make drastic changes to the mission or bring the war — really — to an end.

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WNU Editor: After 8 years there have been (and still are) many disappointments in President Obama's foreign policy. Afghanistan is near the top of that list. My prediction .... President Obama will maintain current troop levels in the country, and he will give this mess to the next President.


Ruben Acosta said...

What will Hillary's strategy be? Will she coincidentally have a reason to expand in Afghanistan?

War News Updates Editor said...

Ruben .... I will be answering that question within the hour on who may be Hillary Clinton's choice for Secretary of Defense.

Ruben Acosta said...

Great, thanks for the reply. I'll check back tonight.great, thanks for the reply. I'll check back tonight.
Been following this blog for a couple years now. It's my daily go to news compiler. Great work.

Anonymous said...

Alexander the great did the Russians did I think American should also and it's a third world country just leave them alone

TWN said...

It's amazing we ever went into Afghanistan in the first place, this is what happens when you let morons/politicians make policy. Can't wait to see what that Ass Hat Clinton does, with that things track record, I'm sure it won't be pretty.

Aizino Smith said...

Alexandrian Greeks came, conquered, and stayed in Afghanistan for 7 or more generations.

So was Afghanistan a graveyard for Alexander?